Alligator Weed


Alligator Weed is a creeping, perennial weed that forms in dense mats or long strands along the water's shoreline. Stems of Alligator Weed are hollow and may vein up to 4 feet in length. Flowers are small and white, resembling a white clover. When left untreated, Alligator Weed can make access to the shoreline difficult.

Mechanical Control

Alligator Weed can be cut. It will be difficult to control this way because it will regrow from roots or fragments.

Chemical Control

Systemic herbicides, such as Shoreline Defense®, will work to kill the root of the plant.

Chemical Application Best Practices

Anytime you use chemicals treat algae or weeds, please keep in mind the following:

  • Treat your pond in sections. Treat only half the pond's surface at a time. If the weather is hot, only treat 1/4-1/3 of your pond, and wait 10-14 days between treatments.
  • Once the weeds have browned & died, use a rake to remove as much dead material as possible. This prevents an accumulation of dead plant material and muck.
  • Take a proactive approach to pond management. Use PondClear, MuckAway and Pond Dye to keep your pond looking great. For more information, see our article on the Airmax® Ecosystem

Ask an Expert

If you are unable to identify your pond weed(s) using our Weed ID Guide, follow this article to email us a photo.

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