• Types of Algae in a Water Garden

    Types of Algae in a Water Garden

    Algae in your water garden can be caused by an overabundance of fish waste and other organic material from leaves or previous algae blooms combined with excessive sunlight. Not only does all that green growth look unsightly, it ruins your water quality and creates a headache for you and your fish. Before you can make a plan for treating the different types of algae, you have to know what type you are trying to destroy. Know Your Algae Algae comes in two basic forms: planktonic and filamentous. Planktonic algae is the floating microscopic vegetation that is the source of the... Read More »
  • Choosing an Algae Control

    Choosing an Algae Control

    There is nothing worse than watching your pond turn green or getting build up on your waterfall rocks. Chemicals will kill the algae and give you a quick fix, but they will not prevent regrowth. Once the algae is treated, use proactive products to reduce future growth. This allows you to keep your pond looking good while creating a healthy environment for your fish. Chemical Treatments Selecting a chemical will depend on what type of algae you are looking to treat. For fine planktonic algae that causes green water, AlgaeFix ® or other liquid chemicals will be your best... Read More »
  • Prevent Future Algae Blooms

    Prevent Future Algae Blooms

    Green water and string algae are a common problem for many pond hobbyists. Algae is a result of an imbalance in your pond's ecosystem. When too many nutrients caused by decomposing plant material, fish waste, or other debris build up in your water garden, algae will flourish because the nutrients act like fertilizer. Identifying the underlying problems that are causing algae build-up and working towards solutions are key to achieving a clean and balanced pond that will keep your neighbors green with envy. Problem : Too many fish. Solution : Fish are a great addition to any pond,... Read More »