• 5 Reasons to Aerate

    5 Reasons to Aerate

    Aeration infuses oxygen into the pond. Adding pond water aeration is not only beneficial for your fish, who need oxygen to survive, but will also improve the overall health of your pond's ecosystem. Aeration is the foundation of the Airmax ® Ecosystem ™ . Below are the top five reasons you should consider adding aeration into your pond, and the importance of aeration: 1. Aeration reduces pond muck. As a pond ages, nutrients accumulate at the bottom of the pond and become muck. Not only is muck unpleasant to see or feel between your toes, but it can also give ponds a bad... Read More »
  • How to Measure Your Pond for an Aeration System

    How to Measure Your Pond for an Aeration System

    Knowing the size of the pond is important for any pond owner. It will help determine the dosage rates for chemicals and beneficial bacteria, how many fish to stock, and which aeration system is the right size for proper aeration for your pond. Finding these numbers is not difficult, but it does require some tools, the right equation, and a little bit work. Once you know how to measure a pond, you will have a better idea of which aeration system to use. Size Some numbers to know when learning how to measure a pond include the length, width, and acreage. Rectangular ponds are easiest... Read More »
  • Why Depth Matters

    Why Depth Matters

    Unless you dug your pond yourself, there is no real way of knowing the fluctuations that exist along your pond's floor. Ponds are a 3-dimensional ecosystem, so it is important to become familiar with what is underwater. Understanding the depth of your pond will help you when treating your pond with products that mix within the water column, such as pond dye, and will help you determine which aeration system for your pond is the best fit. How to Measure Depth Measuring pond depth is not difficult, but you will need a few tools to get the job done. Gather a tape measure,... Read More »
  • What is the Airmax® Ecosystem™?

    What is the Airmax® Ecosystem?

    As more pond owners want to get a head start on their new ponds or rehab older ones they are turning to a proactive pond and lake management approach. Also known as the fountain of youth for ponds, the Airmax ® Ecosystem ™ works with Mother Nature to achieve a cost effective way to keep pond and lakes clean, clear and healthy. The system works in two stages: Reactive and Proactive Reactive Approach Weed and Algae growth generally become problematic for pond owners when the oxygen levels have decreased and nutrients levels of fertilizer, runoff or decaying matter... Read More »
  • Improve Water Clarity & Reduce Muck

    Improve Water Clarity & Reduce Muck

    The Proof is in the Science An independent study with Airmax ® Aeration by Aeration Technologies of North Carolina. The Pond A ½ acre, kidney shaped, 10+ year old pond located in the state of North Carolina. The pond had nearly 12" of muck buildup and required monthly chemical treatments to reduce algae blooms. The Plan Before the Airmax ® Aeration System was introduced: water samples were taken for phosphorus, nitrogen, biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), dissolved oxygen and pond water clarity. Phosphorus and nitrogen are contributors to algae... Read More »