• Large Pond Liner FAQ

    Large Pond Liner FAQ

    Ponds add beauty to a landscape and provide an excellent recreational location in your own backyard, but not everyone is lucky enough to have soil that will allow them to make an earthen bottom. For land owners who are not able to hold water with just soil alone, liners provide an excellent option for retaining water. Smaller Ponds (under 5,000 sq. ft.) For water gardens and smaller fish ponds, 45 Mil EPDM Rubber Pond Liners are an excellent choice. These liners are available in precut sizes up to 50' x 100'. The EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) material is fish safe, UV... Read More »
  • Choose a Pond Tool

    Choose a Pond Tool

    Controlling pond weeds and other vegetation can be a tough job but using the right tools can make it easier. Removing weeds and algae from your pond is an important part in keeping your pond healthy. Here are some gadgets that are handy to have in your pond toolbox. Sprayer A sprayer is an easy way to apply liquid treatments. Some treatments, such as contact chemicals, are only effective when they are sprayed directly on the weed. The Specialty Pond Sprayer , holds 2.75 gallons of treatment solution and is designed for use with pond chemicals. This sprayer features a wide-mouth... Read More »
  • Removing Dead Vegetation

    Removing Dead Vegetation

    Debris on the surface of a pond, like algae or fallen leaves, can sink to the bottom and start to decay, adding to the muck and detritus that is already there. All that debris degrades water quality, compromises fish health, provides a nutrient source for nuisance weeds and algae, and can even affect how some products work. Dead vegetation also makes a great nesting area for muskrats, leeches, snakes, and other pests. Many types of weeds and algae can spread by seeds or spores if the plant is shaken or if plant fragments are left floating in the water. Killing the vegetation using... Read More »
  • Pond Leech Removal

    Pond Leech Removal

    There's nothing like climbing out of your pond and finding one (or more!) leeches stuck to your leg. What are they, and how do you banish them from your pond? Getting to Know Leeches Leeches are 2-inch-long brownish-black segmented worms that are a distant cousin to the earthworm. They use their suction cup-like mouths and teeth to latch on to vertebrate and invertebrate animals, feeding on their blood. Of the 700 different leech species, the majority live in freshwater environments, like your swimming pond. Leeches love to live in the debris at the bottom of your pond. In all... Read More »