• Keep Predators Out

    Keep Predators Out

    Ponds attract all types of creatures to your pond, some more desirable than others. Muskrats, geese, snapping turtles, raccoons and herons may make a list of animals you do not want on your property. We will go different predator control strategies based on the type of animal you may want to keep at bay. Herons A common problem for pond owners is the great blue heron flying above looking for a bit of their favorite snack: fish. There are many tools out there to to discourage the heron to stop at your pond: Use a heron decoy . Herons are territorial, and so if they see that... Read More »
  • How to Deter Geese

    How to Deter Geese

    Having an open body of water like a pond in the backyard is great for drawing wildlife, but not all wildlife are welcomed. In the spring, you may begin to notice a gathering of geese around your pond. Many pond owners dislike geese because they add nutrients to the pond and unsightly mess along the shoreline. Identification The most common geese that pond owners face are Canadian Geese. These waterfowl inhabit just about any type of water body from lakes, rivers, and ponds to any area where water is present. Canadian Geese have a black head and neck and white cheeks. Their bodies... Read More »
  • How to Deter Herons

    How to Deter Herons

    The great blue heron is well known to many pond owners that stock their pond with fish. While they are easy to spot with their blue-gray plumage, black stripe over their eyes and a thick dagger like beak, they are not easy to keep away from your pond. Breeding Season These protected birds can be seen throughout the year here in North America mostly soaring through the air with their 6-foot wingspan and 4-foot long body. Great blue herons can be seen together during the mating season than ranges from the beginning of September and October with a return in Mid-March through June,... Read More »
  • Snapping Turtles 101

    Snapping Turtles 101

    Healthy ponds tend to attract all types of creatures to your backyard, some more desirable than others. Snapping turtles (Chelydra serpentina) are large freshwater turtles that make their homes in ponds and streams with plenty of room and food. When encountered in the water, they typically slip quietly away from any disturbance – but because they can have fierce dispositions, it is a good idea to get to know these shelled reptiles and their habits a little better. Identify Snapping turtles have a look all their own. Resembling a prehistoric dinosaur, snapping turtles have a... Read More »