• PondClear™ vs MuckAway™

    PondClear vs MuckAway

    In 1998, an American microbiologist worked out that the number of bacteria on Earth at that time was five million trillion trillion. This is the number 5 followed by thirty zeroes – an impossible number to comprehend. That's a lot of microorganisms. With all those different types of bacteria, it's safe to say that not all bacteria work the same way. PondClear ™ and MuckAway ™ , for example, both contain human- and animal-safe bacteria that will reduce nutrients and improve the overall health of your farm pond or lake, but they differ in the types of debris they... Read More »
  • What is the Airmax® Ecosystem™?

    What is the Airmax® Ecosystem?

    As more pond owners want to get a head start on their new ponds or rehab older ones they are turning to a proactive pond and lake management approach. Also known as the fountain of youth for ponds, the Airmax ® Ecosystem ™ works with Mother Nature to achieve a cost effective way to keep pond and lakes clean, clear and healthy. The system works in two stages: Reactive and Proactive Reactive Approach Weed and Algae growth generally become problematic for pond owners when the oxygen levels have decreased and nutrients levels of fertilizer, runoff or decaying matter... Read More »