• Why Shade Your Pond

    Why Shade Your Pond

    Adding blue pond dye does more than change the color of your water. Pond dye serves several purposes from controlling algae, protecting fish and masking a murky pond. Safe & Non-Staining If you are worried about the blue pond dye coloring your skin when you swim, don't. After 24 hours of being applied to the pond, the dye will not stain. The concentrated form, however, is a different story. It will turn your hands colors, so be sure to wear gloves and work clothes when adding dye to your pond. Once mixed with the water in your pond, pond dye is completely safe for... Read More »
  • How to Choose a Pond Dye Color

    How to Choose a Pond Dye Color

    The pond industry is growing and now there are a wide variety of colors to choose from, but how do you know what one is right for you? Benefits of Dye Pond Dyes are no longer perceived as singularly decorative or unimportant to maintaining a healthy pond. Although adding dye to your pond does enhance its visual appeal, it also plays a major part in limiting amount of sun exposure your pond receives. Dye Options Previously, the options of pond dyes on the market were very limited and often a bright blue color that made some ponds look unnatural. Now you get the same... Read More »
  • Pond Dye Options

    Pond Dye Options

    Adding pond dye to your lake and pond maintenance regimen is a great way to keep your pond looking great all year long. Designed to enhance your landscape, pond dye will shade your pond the unique color of your choosing, whether it is a decorative light or deep blue tint or a natural mirror like reflective surface. As the market has grown, so have the application options. Here is a breakdown of the types of pond dyes The Pond Guy ® offers: Liquid Dye Quarts - The 4x concentrated liquid dye quarts treats like a gallon of other competitive brands and come in your choice... Read More »
  • What is the Airmax® Ecosystem™?

    What is the Airmax® Ecosystem?

    As more pond owners want to get a head start on their new ponds or rehab older ones they are turning to a proactive pond and lake management approach. Also known as the fountain of youth for ponds, the Airmax ® Ecosystem ™ works with Mother Nature to achieve a cost effective way to keep pond and lakes clean, clear and healthy. The system works in two stages: Reactive and Proactive Reactive Approach Weed and Algae growth generally become problematic for pond owners when the oxygen levels have decreased and nutrients levels of fertilizer, runoff or decaying matter... Read More »