• Why Aerate Your Water Garden

    Why Aerate Your Water Garden

    When the sun goes down, fish and plants both use dissolved oxygen in your pond water. Aeration systems ensure oxygen levels stay high day and night to keep your fish, plants, and pond ecosystem healthy. Subsurface aeration, like The Pond Guy ® Water Garden Aeration Kit , works from the bottom up, circulating the water and infusing oxygen into the pond. If you do not already have an aeration system, here are six great reasons why you should consider adding aeration into your pond. Limitations of Water Features – Most water gardens rely solely on waterfalls, fountains,... Read More »
  • How to Choose an Aeration Kit

    How to Choose an Aeration Kit

    When it comes to aeration kits, finding the right fit is key. Properly sized aeration units will infuse oxygen into the pond, circulate water, and help create a balanced ecosystem. Your fish will be happier and healthier, and you will have reduced excess organic material in your pond – meaning less nutrients to fuel algae growth. When selecting an aeration kit, here are a few things to consider: 1. Size – Aeration kits need to be capable of circulating the volume of water in the pond. If you do not know your pond size offhand, you will have to determine your length,... Read More »
  • Winter Aeration

    Winter Aeration

    As the cool weather comes, your fish go into hibernation and you shut your filter down for the season. Though things slow down, not all the natural processes in your pond come to a complete halt. The organic debris that accumulated during the summer and fall will continue to decompose, and as it does, gasses will be released into the water column. Moreover, those excess nutrients act as a fertilizer and will fuel winter algae growth. So you may ask, what is a pond owner to do so the bad gases are released and your fish stay healthy throughout the winter? Here are some winter pond care tips... Read More »