• Using Beneficial Bacteria for Clear Water

    Using Beneficial Bacteria for Clear Water

    Beneficial bacteria are instrumental in keeping a water garden clean and balanced. Beneficial bacteria, like those found in The Pond Guy ® Nature's Defense ® , Muck Defense ® , and Seasonal Defense ® , live their life noshing on the excess nutrients in your pond, converting it into a harmless gas. They then divide via a cellular division, called binary fission, to keep the population going. Since they are so handy, you might be tempted to add a few extra to really make your pond shine. While too much beneficial bacteria is not necessarily bad, it will likely make... Read More »
  • Benefits of the DefensePAC®

    Benefits of the DefensePAC®

    A healthy pond does not just happen, you create and maintain it. One key element to a clean, healthy and balanced ecosystem is natural bacteria. These bacteria break down excess organic material leaving behind a clean and healthy pond. With the different options for bacteria products out there, you may asking yourself if you actually need more than one. After all, bacteria is bacteria, right? As it turns out, not really. In nature, there are thousands of different bacteria species and each one of them does a slightly different job. Take for instance The Pond Guy ® DefensePAC... Read More »
  • Muck Control

    Muck Control

    Muck or sludge is a horrifying word for many pondkeepers, so what is it exactly? Muck is the accumulation of decomposing fish waste, leaves, aquatic vegetation, and other organic material that is seen at the bottom of a water garden. When muck is disturbed (e.g., fish swimming nearby), it can enter the water column causing the pond to become cloudy or discolored. All the organic material adds to your nutrient load, which in time can create algae blooms. If you are struggling with muck, here are a few ways to get your pond back on track. The Benefit of Bacteria MuckOff ™ ,... Read More »
  • Water Gardens 101

    Water Gardens 101

    A healthy pond doesn't just happen. It's created and maintained by you. Imagine seeing your fish thrive, your plant flourish, and your pond water turned crystal clear! You can achieve that kind of pond by understanding the five elements of a healthy pond. There is no need to be intimidated, The Pond Guy ® has your back, so it is virtually impossible to make a mistake. We know ponds, and we are here to help you be the best pond owner you can be. So let's talk pond balance. Balance is achieved and maintained through the following elements: filtration, aeration, aquatic plants,... Read More »
  • Pondless Feature Maintenance

    Pondless Feature Maintenance

    Without fish or open water, pondless water features are pretty easy to maintain. Typically these features do not have filter systems that you have to regularly clean, but there are a few simple tasks that are require attention. Here is a quick checklist for keeping your waterfall looking its best: Say Hello to Bacteria - Though you will not have fish waste or decomposing leaves in your basin since it is covered, nutrients can still accumulate and lead to algae growth. Regularly using a beneficial bacteria, such as FeatureClear ™ , will be an essential part of keeping your... Read More »