• How to Choose a Waterfall Pump

    How to Choose a Waterfall Pump

    A pump is like the heart of your pond, it circulates the water and moves it through your filtration unit and waterfall. Selecting the right pump for the job will ensure that your water is filtered properly and your water feature is looking its best. When doing your shopping, here are some things to consider: Minimum Pump Size Water needs to circulate through the filter at least once every 2 hours. This means that if you have a 1,000 gallon pond, you need a pump that can produce at least 500 gallons per hour or GPH. If you have fish, then it is best to double the pump's capacity to... Read More »
  • How to Pick Tubing Size

    How to Pick Tubing Size

    When planning a water garden or upgrading an existing feature, it is important to consider what tubing will be used to move your water from Point A to Point B. Tubing is rated with a maximum gallons per hour (GPH) flow rate for easy comparison with your pump's capacity. Using undersized tubing puts extra back pressure on the pump, which can cause it to fail prematurely. You also will have a reduced flow through your water feature and you may get some leaks in your plumbing – especially if your tubing is older or in poorer condition. A good analogy would be to think about the time it... Read More »
  • Choosing a Pump for UV Clarifier or Pressure Filter

    Choosing a Pump for UV Clarifier or Pressure Filter

    There is nothing worse for a pond owner than seeing a water feature that has turned green. Green water is caused by microscopic algae floating throughout the pond. Even with proper filtration and regular use of Nature's Defense ® and Muck Defense ® beneficial bacteria, some ponds are naturally more predisposed to algae blooms – especially if they get full sun or have a high fish population. If you are constantly battling green or discolored water, then it may be time to add a UV clarifier. To make sure your UV clarifier performs properly, you will need the right pump.... Read More »
  • Winter Pump Use

    Winter Pump Use

    A warm cup of cocoa while you relax beside your flowing waterfall can help take the edge off the frosty winter chill, but it may cause more stress for you – and your fish – in the long run. Before you decide to run or shut down your water garden for winter, here are a few points to consider. Ice Dams : In northern climates with near- or sub-freezing conditions, ice can develop and cause water to be redirected out of the pond. Ice also expands, taking up more space in the pond and making it difficult to see changes in your water level. Pumps need a constant supply of... Read More »
  • Find the Right Fitting

    Find the Right Fitting

    Shopping for fittings is kind of like putting a puzzle together. Which one goes here, which one goes there, is that a corner piece? To help you navigate through the different options, we developed a guide, but if you still have questions, give us a call at 866-766-3435. Our experts are always happy to help! Which Type for Which Pipe? Are you using Flexible PVC, Kink Free, or Black Vinyl Tubing ? Which one you have will depending on which type of attachment point your fitting will need to have. Slip : These fittings are smooth inside and out and work with PVC tubing. Most... Read More »