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Pond & Lake Fish Day Frequently Asked Questions

What time will the truck arrive?

The truck is scheduled to arrive at 11am on Saturday, May 5th.

How late can I come and pick up my fish?

Pre-ordered fish need to be picked up by 1pm, although we strongly suggest that you arrive before 1pm to ensure your fish are still available.

How Do I Transport My Fish?

Fish will be bagged and sealed with oxygen. Although it is recommended that you bring coolers and/or water tight, preferable plastic containers. This will ensure that if a bag leaks the fish will arrive to your pond safely. In general you will receive one bag per 50 fish. If you are purchasing less then 50 fish, plan for one bag per species.

What do I do when I get my fish home?

Leave fish in the bags (do not open bag) allowing the bag to float in the water for 10-15 min this will adjust the fish to the water temperature of your pond. After the water temperature has adjusted simple open the bag releasing the fish into your pond.

Do I Have To Pre-Order?

Extra fish are always available on Fish Day. Extras will be sold as early as 9 am on fish day so arrive early to ensure you receive the fish you want.

Can You Hold My Fish Past 1pm?

Pre-Orders are released at 1 pm. We can not hold fish after 1 pm. If you are unavailable to pick up your fish before this time please call or send a friend or family member.

Will my fish be ready when I arrive?

Fish bags have a limited oxygen supply (approximately 1-2 hours) so they cannot be pre-bagged. We suggest that customers arrive one hour before the truck arrives to reduce their wait time.