Bird-X 3D-Coyote Decoy

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  • Deter Pests From Stopping At Your Pond
  • Life-like Tail Moves In the Wind
  • Durable Construction For Years Of Use

The Bird-X 3D-Coyote Decoy will help control and deter common pests such as geese, waterfowl, ducks, skunks, rabbits, and other rodents. The Coyote Decoy's 3D build makes it visible from all angles making it superior to silhouette cut outs, not to mention its tail and body will move with the least amount of wind. This movement can be spotted by pesky birds from a great distance away. Nesting birds and other rodents will not want to seek refuge anywhere near your property if they spot this lurking predator in the open!

Bird-X 3D Coyote Decoy

Tech Specs

Bird-X 3D Coyote Decoy
Coyote Decoy
Application Decoy
Dimensions 37" L x 8" W x 16" H

How To Use

Simply attach the ground stake and tail with the provided accessories and set-up anywhere on your property that is open and visible to birds and other rodents. Be sure to move the decoy around from time to time to ensure optimal effectiveness. The decoy is effective for an 1 acre open area.

When To Use

The coyote decoy can be used in any time of the year to deter nuisance animals.


Usage Information

Replacement Parts

Here are the replacement parts for Bird-X 3D-Coyote Decoy.

Weeds Treated

The first step towards effectively treating any pond weed is proper identification. Bird-X 3D-Coyote Decoy is recommended for use against each of the weeds listed below. Click on your desired weed for more information and alternate control options.

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3-D Coyote
Jul 20, 2010 | By J.D.
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The coyote seems to be working in keeping the Geese off the lawn. I only put out the coyotes when I am going to be gone from the house for several days, so the geese don't get used to them, and I move them around each time. One problem is that they come folded up in the box and it is difficult to get them back into proper "3D" shape---the directions say put them in the sun and they will assume the proper shape---NOT! I found putting a flexible metal ruler (lots things would work as well or better) inside the body where the crease was formed by the packaging does a pretty good job of making the coyote look better. I just do this when putting them out in the yard and then take the ruler out when I store them. They do look MEAN!

Dec 1, 2010 | By Jim Dalpiaz
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We had 50 geese everyday at our farm pond and tried every way to get rid of them. I purchased an expensive solution of grape seed extract to spray on the grass around the pond. I worked - but only for a short time and they came back. We shot them with paint ball guns hoping it would scare them away. Didn't work either. I finally recieved THE POND GUYS brochere in the mail and starting lookong at the various preditors. I ended up buying two coyotes, one swawn, one egret and an alligator. The geese could not stand these preditors and would not stay. It has been six months now and every so often I would see a group og geese fly in but they would always leave for good within a day or two. We are now virtually geese free! We have horses on this property and now they do not have to put up with the messes around the pond. The horses have always been just fine with these fake preitors. To be honest - I thought I was just going to waste my money by doing this but was determined to try everything out there before giving up. Your products actually work and do what you say they will do Thank-you from the bottom of my heart. Just a NOTE: If you can't afford all of the items that I purchased, I would reccommend the coyotes first - but I would get a least two of them. Then the Swan next! If you have problems with Egrets eating your fish - get one of those. They work!!!!!!!!!

Coyote Decoy
Apr 15, 2011 | By D
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Save your money on this one. The geese were eating right beside it 24 hours after I put it by the pond. It became a joke with my friends. It's now in the junk pile in the garage. I hope they leave this review up as a purchase of this item is bad business for thepondguy. RESPONSE FROM THE POND GUY - We are sorry the Coyote Decoy did not provide the results you were looking for. We do stand behind our products and offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the performance of the Coyote Decoy simply contact our customer service department at 888-766-3520 to request a return authorization number and exchange the Coyote Decoy for another product or request a credit upon return of the decoy.

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