Contech ScareCrow® Motion-Activated Animal Deterrent
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We're Sorry this product will not be available until December 2015.

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Contech ScareCrow(r) Motion-Activated Animal Deterrent
  • Deter Pond Pests With Water
  • Protect Up To 1,200 Square Feet
  • Built In Sensor Protects Night & Day

The Contech ScareCrow® Motion Activated Sprinkler is the definitive way to defend your pond from common predators such as herons, raccoons, muskrats, and other nuisance animals. The ScareCrow® features a built in motion activated infrared sensor that will detect movement up to 35 feet in front of it and an area as large as 45 feet wide. The ScareCrow® works both night and day, helping to establish effective predator control and setting boundaries for your water garden from unwanted animals. The Contech ScareCrow® Motion Activated Sprinkler is made effective by its top mounted impact sprinkler head which features a spray distance adjustment, a sprinkler arc adjustment to cover a wider area, and an ultra low energy trigger mechanism. Additionally the ScareCrow® conserves water by using only 2 to 3 cups each time it sprays for deterrence, saving you both water and money!

Tech Specs

From product dimensions to operation manuals, the TECH SPECS tab contains all of the information you need to choose the right equipment for your pond.

Contech ScareCrow(r) Motion-Activated Animal Deterrent
Spray Length 35 Feet
Spray Width 45 Feet
Covers Up To 1,200 Square Feet
Warranty 2 Years

9 Volt Battery NOT INCLUDED

How To Use

To assemble simply attach the sprinkler (using 30-80 PSI) to the sensor housing, next attach the stake top to the bottom and thread into the sensor housing. Lastly, be sure to put a fresh 9v battery (not included) into the bottom of the sensor housing and dry test the scarecrow sprinkler before hooking it to a hose. Once assembled please refer to the suggested sensitivity settings chart in the product manual for preferred placement. There are two ways to switch off the ScareCrow®: either set the sensitivity knob to zero, or shut off the water supply. Please note that if you shut the water off, the unit will still sense and activate, but will not spray water. For a heavy traffic area, turning the sensitivity knob to zero is the best option.

When To Use

Be sure to use the scarecrow motion activated sprinkler during the spring and fall seasons, and take the scarecrow in during the winter to prevent freezing.


What others are saying

1 out of 5

Customer Rating

"Not worth the money"Klaus L. Vietor of Lithia, FL

I have tried every possible setting to prevent the Herons from feeding on my fish with no success. The Motion Activated Scarecrow will activate when I pass by, the grand kids, the cats and even when the wind waves the branches and leaves of plants around my small pond. But I sat at my breakfast table one morning and watched as a blue heron slowly approached and jumped into the water. Not until I ran out and scared him away did this device work. I have now lost three of my largest fish and have had to replace the netting over the pond. I wish I had discovered this before the 30 day warranty had expired. I give this product the lowest rating possible. RESPONSE FROM ThePondGuy: We apologize that this product did not work well for this customer and have offered a refund for the product.

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4 out of 5

Customer Rating

"Works good...too good."Mary of Vienna, IL

I purchased the scarecrow to help keep a heron away from my precious koi. It worked wonders on keeping them away. Just remember to disengage before you enjoy your pond unless your looking to get wet.

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5 out of 5

Customer Rating

"scarecrow" ralph nelson of peoria, IL

the scarecrow and filter pad are working well

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5 out of 5

Customer Rating

"Protection and Entertainment"Rose of Strongsville, OH

This summer I removed the garden fencing eyesore that covers my pond. A tree growing next to my pond is large enough now to hide my pond from herons in flight. There did not seem to be any animals successful at fishing or they were not interested. Then 2 of my large goldfish went missing on a September evening. I purchased the scarecrow to give it a try after reading the customer reviews. The scarecrow is set to attack whenever we are not in the yard. The first defense and for safety, is the existing fence enclosing the backyard, it keeps children, dogs and deer out. The third is covering the pond again. I am working on how to camouflage it. I use the fencing mesh because it has 2 x 3 inch spaces allowing frogs to jump through when they sense danger. The scarecrow works but I would not rely on it as the only defense. Employing a combo of defenses makes sense to me. It didn't scare away a skunk who got blasted twice and because herons/hawks/owls can stand/perch still for long periods the sensor stops seeing them. I give it a high rating because it is a cool gadget and it is fun to watch it blast critters.

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