CrystalClear® ParaCid™
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  • Details
  • Usage
  • Removes Anchorworm, Fish Lice & Flukes
  • Formulated To Quickly Remove Parasites
  • Safe For Fish & Wildlife

CrystalClear® ParaCid™ combats fish lice, anchorworm and flukes in your pond. ParaCid™ works well on pond species including koi and goldfish.

Usage Information

From dosage rates to product labels, the USAGE tab contains all of the information you need to properly apply your pond care products.

CrystalClear ParaCid Parasite Control 8 Ounce
ParaCid™ - 8 Ounce
Application Powder
Number of Treatments For 1,000 Gallons 1-1/2 Treatments (Recommend 4 Treatments)
Shelf Life 3 Years

Dosage Rates

Pond Size (In Gallons)
Routine Dosage (1x Per Week For 4 Weeks)
Up To 100 1/2 Teaspoon
Up to 500 2-1/2 Teaspoons
Up to 1,000 5 Teaspoons
Up to 2,000 10 Teaspoons

How To Apply

Dissolve 1/2 teaspoon of ParaCid™ in dechlorinated water for every 100 gallons of water to be treated and add to pond. Apply once per week for a four week time period. After treatment is complete, it is advisable to perform at least a 50% water change and replace all filter media. For best results, do not over apply ParaCid™.

When To Apply

ParaCid™ is used to control infestations of fish lice, anchorworm and flukes. Warning signs of infestations include flashing, jumping, red welts or irritations, and scratching.


Do not use ParaCid™ in ponds with snails or other invertebrates.