Floating Swan Decoy Pair
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  • Protect Your Pond From Geese
  • Use On Land or In Water
  • Durable Construction For Years Of Use

Deter geese, save money & time by reducing the need for chemicals, and further decorate your water feature with the Floating Swan Decoy Pair. Swans are very territorial animals as they naturally compete with geese for nesting space and food. It is well known that a pair of swans can deter or even scare away a flock of geese before they have the chance to nest!

Tech Specs

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Resting Swan Decoy
Active Swan Decoy
Application Decoy Decoy
Dimensions 31" L x 13.5" W x 14" H 31" L x 13.5" W x 17.5" H

How To Use

Simply assemble the two swan decoy bodies to the two heads (one active and one resting) included in the box, by placing it into the opening of the body and twist to lock in place.

The swans can be anchored in shallow water near shore by running string through the three tabs found on the body of the swan and tying the string to a weighted object of choice to help keep the object secured. Swans should stay together as a pair on land or in the water.

When placing them in water, swans should float in pairs and be anchored in shallow areas allowing them to move without coming into contact with the shore for best results.

When To Use

Use during the spring and fall seasons, and store during the winter months.

What others are saying

5 out of 5

Customer Rating

"So Pretty!"Trio Carroway of Milbrook, SD

I love my decoy swan. It looks great in my little 2 acre "pond". I move it around to confuse the geese and it really works!

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1 out of 5

Customer Rating

" Swans decoys DON'T WORK"Randy Davis of Saginaw, MI

This is what I sent to the Pond Guy on April 2, 2011 but never heard anything back. My wife saw your ad regarding swan decoys stopping geese from nesting and bought two swans from you, Order (CAN NOT POST ORDER #) on 3/15/2011. On their arrival I immediately put them on the exact nesting spot from the prior two years which is about 75 feet from our bedroom windows. The geese had not yet arrived. This morning, at 6:30 AM, 4/2/11, they showed up with their usual honking and other associated noises. As you can see from the attached photos the swan decoys do not deter the nesting geese on our waterfall. I suggest that maybe your ads need some refinement or retraction. Do you have any other "great" suggestions that might actually work? Maybe something a little less expensive and don't recommend a "couple of shotgun shells" please. Since I can't attach photos to this review if you email me at (CAN NOT POST eMAIL ADDRESS), I will forward to you living proof that swan decoys DO NOT WORK. PS: If you still want to buy a pair I'll sell you mine. ***Response from The Pond Guy***We do offer a satisfaction guarantee on our products, just call our customer service department and request an RMA# to return the product. We have also have several customers who have had positive results with the swan decoys.

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2 out of 5

Customer Rating

"Just pretty"Darlene Cablish of Hunter, OH

Worthless to deter geese, ducks, or herons. I've moved them added touches of paint to make them more realistic, but waterfowl swim right around them.

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2 out of 5

Customer Rating

"pretty but worthless"Darlene Cablish of Hunter, OH

From a distance they are impressive but do nothing to keep the geese away ***Response From The Pond Guy - Keep in mind, decoys need to be moved regularly to be effective.

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3 out of 5

Customer Rating

"Lovely but ineffectual"Darlene Cablish of Hunter, OH

From a distance the pair are awesome. I weight them to the bottom with a nylon cord. After a strong wind they sometimes turn over. As the head and neck pieces are separate, I recommend gluing the pieces onto the body, otherwise they might sink. I've had to repaint them every year. All this work but they are very aesthetically pleasing. Sadly they are equally ineffectual as the Canadian geese swim around them. Moving their position on my 2.5 acre pond does not help. They are good as weather vanes.

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