Heron Stop
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  • Details
  • Tech Specs
  • Stop Herons In Their Tracks
  • Protect Up To 40' of Shoreline
  • Prevent Herons From Approaching Your Pond

The Heron Stop is very easy to install and prevents herons from approaching your pond. The Heron Stop creates an impassable barrier that deters herons from getting too close and preying on your precious fish without blocking your view of the pond. Each kit contains 8 synthetic stakes, 82' of nylon line and 8 jingle bells to protect up to 40' of shoreline.

Tech Specs

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Heron Stop
Heron Stop Includes
Number of Stakes 8 Synthetic Stakes
Length of Line 82' Nylon Line
Number of Bells 8 Jingle Bells

How It Works

Herons usually land beside your pond and move toward the water to prey on fish. Once installed the simple and almost invisible string protects the outer perimeter of your pond, thanks to small bells. As herons land at the side of the pond and walk into the water, they are startled when walking into the thread causing the bells to sound, acting as a secondary deterrent. Overtime, cats and other predators will learn to stay away.

How To Install

Place the stakes around the pond, 10-11 inches from the edge and about 5 feet apart, with the stakes pointing toward the pond. Next, thread the nylon string through the holes and fasten the bells to the upper string between the stakes.