Jenlis Weed Raker™ Pond & Lake Rake

Jenlis Weed Raker™ Pond & Lake Rake

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  • Remove Vegetation & Organic Matter with this Pond Weed Rake
  • Reduce Timely Maintenance
  • Pull In From As Far As 45 Feet Away with this Aquatic Weed Rake

The Jenlis Weed Raker™ is one of the longest and deepest digging lake rakes in the industry. It is efficient at removing submerged lake & pond weeds, pulling out the roots of aquatic weeds slowing their re-growth, and removing surface debris. The Weed Raker™ can be of great assistance when you also have dead decaying matter at the bottom of your pond, as this matter can feed the growth of more aquatic vegetation and nutrient rich muck.

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Jelnis Weed Raker(tm)

Tech Specs

Jenlis Weed Raker
Weed Raker™
Application Pond & Lake Rake
Raker Head Width 37"
Raker Tine Length 8"
Pole Length 11'
Pull Rope Length 43'
Weight 7 lbs
Warranty 1 Year

How To Assemble

Once you have removed the contents of the package, take the rustproof plastic rake tines and start slipping them into the 37" rake head. After construction is complete with the raker head, the individual aluminum poles can be secured together with the snap locks at the end of each pole. Now the raker head can be attached to the pole with the provided hardware, don't forget to attach the rope at the open end of the pole before you begin use in deep water!

When To Use

The Weed Raker™ is best used when your pond suffers from a growth of pond weeds, when there is decaying plant or organic matter on the ponds bottom, or when the pond's surface is covered with pond weeds. The weed rake is best used throughout the spring and fall, and stored for the winter.


Usage Information

Replacement Parts

Here are the replacement parts for Jenlis Weed Raker™ Pond & Lake Rake.

Weeds Treated

The first step towards effectively treating any pond weed is proper identification. Jenlis Weed Raker™ Pond & Lake Rake is recommended for use against each of the weeds listed below. Click on your desired weed for more information and alternate control options.

  • Jenlis Weed Raker(tm) Video Jenlis Weed Raker™

    Learn how to use the Jenlis Weed Raker™ to remove weeds and algae from your pond in this tutorial.

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weed rake
May 11, 2012 | By Mark
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Works very well. I didn't expect the tines to be plastic but none have broken so they appear to be strong enough. I use it to remove submerged leaves and it works nicely.

Jenlis Weed Raker
Jun 5, 2012 | By Jim Herbert
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I have a 5,000 square foot pond surface up to four feet deep. It was totally grown over with thick parrots feather. The rake worked exceptionally well, both by working its long handle, and by tossing it out and pulling it back by the rope. It grabbed the parrots feather and pulled it up all the way from the roots. I pulled literally tons of the weed out. The tines are very strong. This is an excellent, sturdy product.

Must have pond tool!
Mar 25, 2015 | By Rick Boehlke
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I reluctantly (I am cheap) purchased this rake last spring to tackle leaves and Chara that attacks my pond. The plastic tines were concerning, but this rake performed excellently. It actually worked better on the Chara then I could have hoped for. With the long rope, I was able to throw the rake 30' out and drag in heavy loads of this skunkweed algae. Once I did a thorough Chara cleanup in June, it seemed easy to keep clean the rest of the season. I also used it for fall and again this spring for leaf cleanup. Tines look and perform like new.

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