Kasco Decorative Fountains - 1/4HP 1400JF
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 Kasco ¼ hp Fountain

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This small fountain is the perfect choice for any small pond or water garden. With 5 interchangeable spray patterns, you can enjoy a new fountain with every nozzle! All fountains come standard with a control panel (GFI, photocell and timer), mooring ropes, 50' of power cord and an optional bright LED light ring for nighttime display! It is lightweight and no assembly is required.

Tech Specs

From product dimensions to operation manuals, the TECH SPECS tab contains all of the information you need to choose the right equipment for your pond.

Kasco 1400JF 1400JFL Decorative Fountain 1/4 HP
Kasco Model 1400JF/1400JFL
Motor 1/4 HP
Voltage 120
Running Amps 3.1
Minimum Operating Depth 12 Inches
Maximum Spray Height 4 Feet
Number of Patterns Included 5
Number of Mooring Ropes Included 2
Control Panel Includes Timer, GFI & Photocell
Power Cord Options Available 50'
Warranty 2 Year
Daily Operating Cost (8 hours/day)* $0.33
Suggested Pond Size Up To 1/5 Acre

*Daily Operating Cost is calculated at $0.11 per kilowatt hour. Please note that costs vary by location.

Spray Pattern Specs

Kasco 1400JF 1400JFL Decorative Fountain 1/4 HP Condor
Kasco 1400JF 1400JFL Decorative Fountain 1/4 HP Eagles Nest
Eagles Nest
Kasco 1400JF 1400JFL Decorative Fountain 1/4 HP Falcon
Height (Feet) 4' 3.5' 4'
Width (feet) 7' 10' 4'
Kasco 1400JF 1400JFL Decorative Fountain 1/4 HP Osprey
Kasco 1400JF 1400JFL Decorative Fountain 1/4 HP Hawks Nest
Hawks Nest
Height (Feet) 3.5' 3'
Width (feet) 7' 7'


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5 out of 5

Customer Rating

"Best Thing I Ever Did For My Pond"5 Year Pond Owner of North, TX

This unit is pretty cool. It comes with 5 nozzles but you actually make it spray 7 ways. You can remove the Osprey, Condore, and Falcon and get a 3' tall heavy geyser. Or, remove the upper pump housing without installing the Eagle or Hawk to get a heavier cone shaped pattern. Set-up was easy enough. Just choose your nozzle, set the fountain in the pond & anchor it, mount controller, plug it in, and relax to the soothing sound of splashing water. The LED light ring makes the fountain look awesome at night when we have guests out on the deck. I highly recommend this unit.

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