Laguna Quick Test Strips
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  • Tests For Nitrate, Nitrite, pH, Alkalinity & Hardness
  • Accurate Results In 1 Minute
  • Identify Issues Before They Cause Problems

Simplify your regular pond water tests with Laguna Quick Test Strips. Each Laguna Quick Test Strip tests nitrate, nitrite, pH, total alkalinity and total hardness levels in your pond in a minute or less. Regularly testing your pond water for imbalances can help identify problems before they have a chance to harm your fish and plants.

Usage Information

From dosage rates to product labels, the USAGE tab contains all of the information you need to properly apply your pond care products.

How To Use

Simply hold a Laguna Quick Test Strip underwater for 2 seconds without motion. Shake excess pond water off of the quick test strip being careful not to touch or smear the color pads. After 25 seconds the first 3 pads can be compared to the color chart on the quick test bottle. Once 1 minute passes match the last two color pads.

When To Use

Laguna Quick Test Strips should be used multiple times throughout the week to test for water imbalances before they become an issue. As your pH level may fluctuate throughout the day testing your water at different times will often reveal a pH range in your pond water. To prevent over-management of pH, establish an average pH range from multiple tests before attempting to adjust your pH level.


pH results may read low if Total Alkalinity is less that 80 ppm.


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3 out of 5

Customer Rating

"Quick test"randy wagner of Madison, WI

I spent 5 minutes looking for my magnifying glass to read the print on the test chart. When I found a magnifying glass still couldn't read the numbers. My vision is pretty good. So I can't call this a "quick" test.

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