Matala® Filter Media Pads
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Matala(r) Filter Media Pad
  • 4 Densities For All Your Filtration Needs
  • Max Surface Area For Bacteria Growth
  • Long Lasting & Durable Media

Matala® Filter Media Pads are lightweight, durable and easy-to-cut. Matala® Filter Media is available in four densities: low (black), medium (green), high (blue) and super high (grey). Low and medium density Matala® pads are perfect for mechanical filtration, while the high and super high densities maximize surface area for biological filtration. Matala® Filter Media Pads provide the highest surface area of all filtration products on the market and are made with a special coating that allows water to pass easily through it without channeling. For best results, pair both medium and high density Matala® Filter Media ads together. One mat filters up to 500 gallons.

Usage Information

From dosage rates to product labels, the USAGE tab contains all of the information you need to properly apply your pond care products.

Matala(r) Low Density Filter Media Pad Black
Low Density - Black
Matala(r) Medium Density Filter Media Pad Green
Medium Density - Green
Matala(r) High Density Filter Media Pad Blue
High Density - Blue
Matala(r) Super High Density Filter Media Pad Grey
Super High Density - Grey
Filter Pad Size 39.5" L x 24" W x 1.5" H 39.5" L x 24" W x 1.5" H 39.5" L x 24" W x 1.5" H 39.5" L x 24" W x 1.5" H
Available Surface Area 62 sq ft per cubic foot 96 sq ft per cubic foot 124 sq ft per cubic foot 171 sq ft per cubic foot
Free Volume (Open Space) 92% 93% 94% 94%

How To Use

Matala® Filter Media Pads can be simply placed into your waterfall filter without any issues of the pad floating away. It can be cut to your desired size to match any of your current filter media. Clean your Matala® Filter Media Pads sparingly and only if necessary. Over zealous cleaning will lead to bacteria loss and it will take some time for your biological filtration to get going again. Matala® Filter Media Pads should be used throughout the pond season and cleaned for storage before winter temperatures occur.

What others are saying

5 out of 5

Customer Rating

"Great Replacement Filter Pad!"Carl of San Diego, CA

I have been looking to replace the filter media in my waterfall for quite some time. The black and blue Matala filter pads were just what I needed! Pond looks great!

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1 out of 5

Customer Rating

"Limited Mechanical Filtration"Bill of Santa Rosa, CA

The blue and black Matala pads that I installed did not capture nearly as much pond muck as did my old standard pads. Old pads would have a heavy load of muck needing to be cleaned out each week, while Matala almost did not need cleaning and left the pond water notably murkier. They are also pretty tough to cut--perhaps also quite durable, but overall this was a failed experiment for me. Discarded all of the Matala and am going back to standard. **A note from The Pond Guy - Remember the water should go through the low density filter pad before flowing to the higher density filter pad and back out to the pond or to the pump. **

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