Pond Logic® FeatureClear™ & FeatureFix™ Combo
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  • Details
  • Usage
  • Promote A Healthy Ecosystem
  • Powerful Concentrated Formulas
  • Keep Water Features Clean

Keep your fountain or small water feature clear of organic debris and dirty water with Pond Logic® FeatureClear™ & FeatureFix™ combo. FeatureClear™ contains a highly concentrated, fast acting bacteria formula designed to work in small water features, fountains and birdbaths. The natural beneficial bacteria digest organic debris and keep your water crystal clear eliminating the need for chemical treatments. Remove unsightly water discoloration and accumulated debris that form in water features and fountains with Pond Logic® FeatureFix™. Highly concentrated active ingredients ensure visible results in as little as 48 hours.

Usage Information

From dosage rates to product labels, the USAGE tab contains all of the information you need to properly apply your pond care products.

Pond Logic FeatureClear 8 Ounce
Pond Logic FeatureFix 8 Ounce
Application Liquid Liquid
Active Temp Above 50°F None
8 Ounce Bottle Treats Up To 800 Gallons Up To 800 Gallons
Shelf Life 2 Years 2 Years

Dosage Rates

Water Feature Size (In Gallons)
FeatureClear™ (Every 2 Weeks)
FeatureFix™ (As Needed)
Up To 50 Gallons ½ Ounce ½ Ounce
Up To 100 Gallons 1 Ounce 1 Ounce
Up To 150 Gallons 1-½ Ounces 1-½ Ounces
Up To 200 Gallons 2 Ounces 2 Ounces

How To Apply

FeatureClear™ - Shake well before using. Use ½ oz per 50 gallons every two weeks to maintain clean and clear water. Pour directly into water. FeatureClear™ is completely natural. FeatureClear™ will not discolor surfaces or harm ornamental plants or grass. Use when water temperatures are above 50°F.
FeatureFix™ - Use ½ oz per 50 gallons. Repeat treatments, if needed, every three days until desired results. For best results, remove excess debris prior to treatment.


  • Do not use FeatureFix™ in water that contains fish, invertebrates, or crustaceans such as crabs, shrimp or crayfish. Water treated is safe for all other wildlife and plants.
  • There are no restrictions for use of FeatureClear™