The Pond Guy® RapidFlo™ Ecosystem Pond Kits
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  • Tech Specs
The Pond Guy RapidFlo Ecosystem Pond Kit
  • Available In A Variety Of Sizes
  • No Guessing On Pump Or Filter Size
  • Provides Heavy Waterfall Flow

RapidFlo™ EcoSystem Pond Kits are designed with large waterfalls and the sound of water in mind. The two part filtration system makes them very versatile when a larger pond ecosystem and heavy water flow are desired. The first part of the system starts with a mechanical skimmer filter which houses the pump and removes floating debris from the pond's surface. Water is then pushed through the second part of the system, the oversized biological waterfall filter and spillway to provide the start of a magnificent waterfall and/or stream.

The RapidFlo™ EcoSystem Pond Kit is right for you if:
• You are planning to create a large waterfall or stream.
• You desire to mask nearby noise with the sound of falling water.
• Your pond will receive heavy debris from nearby trees.

Tech Specs

From product dimensions to operation manuals, the TECH SPECS tab contains all of the information you need to choose the right equipment for your pond.

Kit Includes

• 45 mil EPDM Fish-Safe Pond Liner
• Protective Underlayment
• Mechanical Skimmer Filter
• Biological Waterfall Filter
• Waterfall Pump
• LEDPro™ High Output Lights - 3 Pack*
• Check Valve Assembly
• PVC Flex Pipe
• Installation Hardware, Liner Patch, Glue & Primer
• Complete Instructions & How-to DVD
• Starter Bacteria

*Please note, Mini Pond Kit (8'x11') does not come with LEDPro™ lights, liner patch or DVD.

Choose Your Pond Size

8' x 11' Mini Pond Kit
11' x 11' Pond Kit
11' x 16' Pond Kit
Approximate Gallons 1,000 Gallons 1,300 Gallons 2,000 Gallons
Liner Size 12' x 15' 15' x 15' 15' x 20'
Underlayment 180 sq ft 300 sq ft 300 sq ft
Pump Clear Water 1,800 GPH Clear Water 2,340 GPH RapidFlo™ 3,000 GPH
Skimmer 7" Serenity 7" Crystal Skimmer 7" Crystal Skimmer
Waterfall Filter 14" Serenity Waterfall* 14" Crystal Waterfall 20" Crystal Waterfall
Plumbing 16' x 1-1/2" PVC Flex Pipe 25' x 1-1/2" PVC Flex Pipe 25' x 1-1/2" PVC Flex Pipe

16' x 16' Pond Kit
16' x 21' Pond Kit
21' x 26' Pond Kit
Approximate Gallons 2,800 Gallons 3,700 Gallons 6,100 Gallons
Liner Size 20' x 20' 20' x 25' 25' x 30'
Underlayment 400 sq ft 500 sq ft 800 sq ft
Pump Norus 4,800 GPH RapidFlo™ 5,000 GPH Norus 7,000 GPH
Skimmer 8" Elite Skimmer 10" Elite Skimmer 10" Elite Skimmer
Waterfall Filter 38" Pro FilterFalls 38" Pro FilterFalls 38" Pro FilterFalls
Plumbing 25' x 2" PVC Flex Pipe 50' x 2" PVC Flex Pipe 50' x 2" PVC Flex Pipe

Please note: Pond dimensions are based on a 2 foot depth. To create a deeper pond, overall dimensions will be smaller.
*Only the Serenity Waterfall Filter (8'x11') contains filter media. All other Waterfall Filters need filter media to be purchased.

Furnished By Homeowner

• Tools: Wheelbarrow, Shovel, Gloves, Tape Measure, Level, Water
• Labor: 1 or 2 Volunteers who can lift up to 30-40 lbs.
• Optional: Rocks, Aquatic Plants, Fish, Greenery