The Pond Guy® UtilityFlo™ Pond/Utility Pump


We no longer carry the UtilityFlo™ 3,000 GPH Pump, but you might want to try The Pond Guy® RapidFlo™ 3,000 GPH Pump.

  • Built In Pre-Filter Handles Debris Up To ¼"
  • Asynchronous Motor Promotes Pump Longevity
  • Ideal For Small To Medium Waterfalls

Power beautiful waterfalls and large filtration systems with The Pond Guy® UtilityFlo™ Pumps. A long-lasting asynchronous motor handles high pump head pressures while saving on energy costs and a wear-proof ceramic shaft ensures years of uninterrupted use. The built in pre-filter protects the pump from large debris while allowing debris pass-through of up to ¼". A ¾"-1 ¼" step down barb fitting or 1" FPT outlet gives you versatility in plumbing design.

Tech Specs

The Pond Guy UtilityFlo 2000 GPH Pump
2000 GPH
Application Submersible
Dimensions 6"L x 6"W x 9.5"H
Max Flow Rate 2,000 GPH
Max Head Pressure 13 Feet
GPH @ 5' 1,200 GPH
GPH @ 10' 630 GPH
Fittings Barb - 3/4" 1", 1-1/4" & FPT - 1"
Watts 140 Watts
Power Cord 20 Feet
Warranty 3 Years

Flow Chart

The Pond Guy UtilityFlo Pump Flow Chart


Usage Information

Replacement Parts

Here are the replacement parts for The Pond Guy® UtilityFlo™ Pond/Utility Pump .

Weeds Treated

The first step towards effectively treating any pond weed is proper identification. The Pond Guy® UtilityFlo™ Pond/Utility Pump is recommended for use against each of the weeds listed below. Click on your desired weed for more information and alternate control options.

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Doesn't last
Jul 10, 2013 | By penny schropp
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I appreciate that The Pond Guy has been wonderful in honoring the 3 yr. warranty on this pump and it's a good thing - This model has failed 2x in the first 2yrs after purchase and had to be sent back. It was not abused, stored inside in winter, etc. I don't think that's a very good track record.

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