Water Hyacinth, Bundle of 3

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  • Flowering, Floating Plant
  • Most Popular Pond Plant
  • Increases Natural Filtration

Water Hyacinth (also known as Blue Shell Flower) is easily the most popular and universally used floating water garden plant around. With its succulent leaves and bright purple flowers, Water Hyacinth are great at competing with algae over excess pond nutrients, create a terrific spawning area for the pond fish, plus makes a very beautiful plant for the water garden in a very short period of time. It's long feathery dangling roots easily make it perfect for added filtration. Sold in bundles of 3.

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Floating Plant - Water Hyacinth
Water Hyacinth
Plant Type Floating Plant
Hardiness Zones 9 To 11
Growing Light Full Sun To Partial Shade
Flower Color Purple
Bloom Time Summer
Plant Size Vertical To 24"
Also Known As Eichornia Crassipes, Blue Shell, Shell Flower

Mail Order: What To Expect

Plants you receive by mail need time to adjust. Your plants will arrive in bundles. Upon arrival, they may not appear lush but given time & proper care, they will flourish!

Planting Instructions

Simply place in water and plant will float freely.


Fertilization is typically not needed for Water Hyacinth as they take excess nutrients from your pond water. If needed, Microbe-Lift® Bloom & Grow™ can be used.

Plant Maintenance

For best results, trim or prune as leaves and flowers begin to turn yellow or brown, remove them completely, discarding them to keep as much excess organic material out of water-body as possible.

Winter Care

In Zones 8 and lower, discard Water Hyacinth after the first hard frost.


Due to the quick growth of Water Hyacinth, it is extremely invasive in states where temperatures do not reach freezing. Many Southern states restrict shipping this plant. Never release these plants in public lakes or waterways in any state.

Weeds Treated

The first step towards effectively treating any pond weed is proper identification. Water Hyacinth, Bundle of 3 is recommended for use against each of the weeds listed below. Click on your desired weed for more information and alternate control options.

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Fun plant to have with koi
Sep 14, 2010 | By Virginia stouffer
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These aren't as pretty as a big lily or lotus but filtration in my pond get 10 times easier when I put them in. Plus the koi like to play with them, pushing them around or pulling them, sometimes having koi races, tails flipping, pushing the plants in opposite directions. It puts an extra show in my pond, visitors enjoy watching them clown around too. I don't worry about plant damage from their nibbling since hyacinths are so hardy.

High Praise for Water Hyacinth
Mar 24, 2011 | By FoxGlen
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Floating Water Hyacinth is a mainstay in our pond and other water features; we've used them for years. They provide excellent shade on the surface of the water, cooling it considerably during the long, hot summer months. The plants purchased from The Pond Guy are prolific bloomers -- better than those purchased from other suppliers. Their iris-like flowers are beautiful, long lasting and abundant when grown in good sunlight. Our baby frogs and fishes shelter safely in their beautiful, fine-hair-like root systems. Don't be afraid of water hyacinth's habit of reproducing quickly! Purchase a sensible number of plants for your water feature remembering how quickly they colonize once settled in. Once they are growing well and starting to cover more than 2/3rds of the water surface, I start harvesting some for our compost heaps where they provide a continuous, excellent source of green materials to keep the heaps heated up throughout the growing season. If you don't compost, share them with others or recycle them sensibly.

Floating plant
Jun 22, 2011 | By Linda
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this plant and the water lettuce arrived in good condition and are doing great

Great Plants
May 6, 2012 | By George Tarr
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My koi and goldfish love to eat the roots. I have to remove some of the plants periodically to rehabilitate them. They are hardy attractive plants and seem to help filtration in the pond.

Very Pleased :)
May 17, 2012 | By Elizabeth Meyers
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I was VERY impressed with the Hyacinths and Frogbit that was shipped to me. Gently packaged, moist and lush....much healthier than others I have bought personally from our local vendor. I also bought 5 snails who arrived fat, alive & are doing great! The Pond Guy excels in helpful & great customer service and excellent products!!! We've never been let down!

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