4 Steps To The Perfect Ecosystem

The Airmax® Aeration System

Works by pumping air from a compressor, located on shore, to the Airmax® synergistic diffuser located at the bottom of your pond. This induction of air through the diffuser causes a continual circulation throughout the entire pond, eliminating the thermocline and toxic gases. Keeping high oxygen levels and continuous circulation will dramatically reduce your chance of fish kills, algae blooms, heavy weed growth, and also reduce the layer of “muck” at the bottom of the pond.

If you need help determining what Airmax® Aeration System will work for your sized pond, please don't hesitate to give us a call. One of our customer service reps are here to help.

Pond-Clear™ Natural Bacteria

There are two types of bacteria that live in your pond: anaerobic bacteria and aerobic bacteria. Anaerobic bacteria decompose dead vegetation, producing a sulfur-like gas with a “rotten egg” smell, and does not need oxygen to survive. A specialized blend of aerobic bacteria (called Pond-Clear) relies on oxygen and decomposes nutrients and “muck” at an accelerated rate (up to 5 inches per year!) producing odor-free gases, which escape out of the water column unnoticed. Pond-Clear will produce clear water by attacking nutrients and suspended organics.

No water use restrictions.

Nature's Blue™ Pond Dye

Nature’s Blue Pond Dye beautifies your pond with a natural blue color. Add Nature’s Blue Pond Dye early in the season. Can last for up to 6 months depending on rainfall and other weather conditions.

Black DyeMond
Want a mystic and rich looking pond? Try Black DyeMond! Black DyeMond will give your pond a rich appearance and provide beautiful reflections. For an even more Mystic looking pond, use a 50/50 mix of Nature's Blue and Black DyeMond. Great for blocking the sunlight too! Black DyeMond is applied just like Nature's Blue.

No water use restrictions.


Nutri-Defense works by binding phosphates (nutrients) together and settling them on the bottom of the pond. This makes them useless and unavailable as a food source for algae. For example: If algae is present, then this indicates that there is an excess of phosphates (nutrients) in the water. The best way to handle this is to treat for the present algae using Algae Defense, and then 4-6 days after the chemical application, apply Nutri-Defense to clear the water column of all remaining phosphates (nutrients) reducing the chance of future growth.

By doubling the recommended dose for your pond, Nutri-Defense becomes a clarifier, clearing cloudiness and particulates as well.

No water use restrictions.