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Replacement UV bulbs at unbeatable prices!
We carry all the major manufactures of UV bulbs like Fish Mate UV Bulbs, Aqua Ultraviolet Bulbs, Danner Manufacturing, Tetra Pond UV Bulbs and more. The PondMaster Submersible UV Clarifiers fit any UV Replacement Bulb and is the only submersible UV Clarifier on the market. The TetraPond® GreenFree™ UV Clarifiers provide permanent control of suspended algae.

7 Watt UV Bulb (4 Pin - In a Row) - 6.5" Long, 9 Watt UV Bulb (2 Pin - Single Clip) - 6.5" Long, 13 Watt UV Bulb (2 Pin - Double Clip) - 7.25" Long, 7 Watt UV Bulb (2pin - Single Clip) - 5.35" Long are our most popular UV Bulb sizes.

Simply remove your UV bulb, inspect the end and match it to the corresponding picture below. Next, measure the length of the bulb from end to end.

G23 Base GX23 Base 2G11 Base T8B Bi-Pin Base
T5F 4-Pin Base T5F 4-Pin Base With Wire T5B Bi-Pin Base