Aeration is Key

Proper Aeration is by far the most important step in creating the perfect ecosystem in any pond & lake. The following article discusses the benefits of implementing an Airmax Aeration System in your pond & lake. If you need further assistance, please call us with questions or to request a free catalog at 888-766-3520.
Benefits of Aeration
Most ponds suffer from stratification or "layered water" during the warmer months of the year. Stratification happens when the sun heats up the water at the top of your pond. This warm water is lighter and creates a layer that floats on the cooler water underneath. The point at which these layers separate is known as the thermocline. The thermocline can be observed while you are swimming; as your legs and feet break the thermocline you feel the cool water underneath, which is commonly mistaken as a spring. In the fall and winter months, the cold air will cool the surface of your pond, causing turnover or a mixing of the surface and subsurface water. Turnover can also be caused by sever weather events.  If you ever notice a strong sulfurous smell near your pond in the spring, fall, or after a strong storm, it’s a good bet that your pond has just turned over!
Turnover allows toxic water from the bottom of the pond to mix with the healthy water at the surface, which can severely stress or even kill fish. When your pond/lake is deprived of oxygen the natural cleaning process is reversed, causing the ecosystem to shut down and slowly die! Because oxygen is absent, dead vegetation, fish waste and other organics turn into black "muck" because there are no life forms available to feed on it. The "muck" will continue to accumulate if an aeration system is not implemented.

The best way to handle this situation is to use an Airmax® Aeration System. An Airmax Aeration System consists of a continuous-duty Airmax compressor which pumps air to a diffuser plate. This diffuser plate is placed on the pond's bottom and releases small bubbles which circulate and oxygenate the pond. The column of air pushes the cold water at the bottom towards the surface. Since cold water is denser than warm water, the cold water will fall back towards the bottom creating a continuous cycle. This cycle or convection current is the secret to proper pond circulation.

Aeration will reduce, if not eliminate free floating debris, prevent fish kills, reduce sediment buildup, eliminate thermal stratification, create a stronger and more productive fish population, and create a clean, clear and healthy ecosystem.

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What about fountain aeration? Fountain aeration is best used in ponds that are less than 8' deep. In this case, you will see the benefits of aeration along with a beautiful waterscape. However, the boiling action from an Airmax® Aeration System, in most cases, will provide better results with less routine maintenance.