Take Control with Pond Clear

Your pond is held in a delicate balance with "Mother Nature". Chemical control is usually a reactive solution and is only part of the solution. You must get to the source of the problem to really be in control of your pond.
Natural Bacteria
Pond Clear works by removing excess nutrients and "eating" the muck off the bottom of your pond. Pond Clear utilizes specially formulated strains of bacteria to help create a healthy pond ecosystem, resulting in sparkling clear water. Works best when water temperatures are above 50° F.
Understanding your water quality...
The bacteria currently working in your pond are mainly anaerobic, meaning they do not require oxygen to survive. Anaerobic bacteria will decompose organics at an extremely slow rate while producing by-products such as a "rotten egg" smell and black muck. Anaerobic bacteria are also relatively ineffective at oxidizing nutrients suspended in the water column. Aerobic bacteria, found in Pond Clear require oxygen and are capable of decomposing organics at an accelerated rate. They produce no foul smelling by-products, and do not contribute to black muck. Aerobic bacteria will result in clear water and a healthy eco-system.