Q & A with The Pond Guy

Q: When do I start my aeration system? In the Spring? Do we start it slowly?

-Jerome of Brashear, TX

A: Ideally, your aeration system should run all year long. By running it all year long, this will prevent possible winter fish kills. But if you shut your aeration system down in the winter for recreational purposes, you will want to start it back up when the ice starts melting off your pond. I would highly suggest starting the aeration system slowly, similar to when you first installed the system. Follow the instructions below:
  • Turn system on and operate for 30 minutes
  • Turn system off for the rest of the day
  • Restart the system the next day and operate for 1 hour
  • Turn system off for the rest of the day
  • Each day, double the operating time from the previous day until system is running non-stop. This should take 7 days.
Re-introducing the aeration system slowly will allow the water to mix and not shock the fish.