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Pond & Lake Articles

What's Going On Now

Controlling Cattails

Reclaim your shoreline

Fighting Pond Muck & Odors

How to control muck & pond odor

Stocking Your Pond

Creating a balanced fish population

Selecting an Aeration System

Select the right size system for your pond

Measuring Your Pond

How to determine surface acreage and depth

Basic Pond Maintenance

The Life Cycle Explained

Understanding the changes in your pond

Pondside Fertilizers

Protect your pond from fertilizer runoff

Water Testing

What you can learn from testing pond water

Algae & Weed Control

Treating Your Pond

6 Tips for keeping your pond under control


Aeration For All Seasons

Enjoy the results of year-round aeration

Starting up Aeration in the Spring

How to reintroduce your aeration system

Predators & Pests

Basic Predator Control

Keep predators out

Specific Predator Control

Know your predators


How to identify and detour them from your pond

Snapping Turtles

How to identify and detour them from your pond

Leech Control

4 Steps to remove leeches from your pond

Pond Enjoyment

Benefits of Owning a Pond or Lake

5 Reasons a pond or lake is a great addition

Pond Calculators

Determine pond dimensions for easy product application or calculate pond liner sizes.

Weed Control Guide

The 1st step to effectively treating any pond weed is proper identification.

Water Garden Articles

What's Going On Now

Aquatic Plants

Importance of aquatic plants in a pond ecosystem

Pond Leaks

Find and repair a leak in your pond

Feeding Fish

5 Tips for making mealtime fun

Foamy Water

How to control foam in your pond

Building a Pond

15 Steps towards successful pond construction

Basic Pond Maintenance

Water Garden 101

Key elements to a clean, healthy & balanced pond

Pond Capacity

How to determine the water volume in your pond

Brown Water

How to remove brown or tea-colored water

Spring Cleaning

10 helpful tips to jump-start your pond

Algae Control

Creating The Perfect Pond With UV

Combat green water with a UV clarifier

Cleaning Your Waterfall

How to remove debris from your waterfall

Pond Construction

Types of Water Features

Find the right water feature for your landscape

Choosing the Right Pump

How to select the right pump for your pond or waterfall


Preparing Your Pond For Fish

Understanding the nitrogen cycle

Fish Acclimation

Introducing new fish to your pond

Koi Gender

5 clues to help you identify male and female koi

Fish Health

The basics of preventing and treating illness

Fish Spawning

Help your koi have a successful spawning season

Aquatic Plants

Fertilizing Aquatic Plants

Keeping your aquatic plants blooming their best

Dividing Aquatic Plants

Encourage new growth by dividing overgrown plants

Pond Calculators

Determine liner size, total fish capacity, pump size and more.