Parade of Ponds is not being offered for 2015. Please check our local website, We Know Ponds™, for details on 2015 events.

The Pond Guy® 9th Annual Parade of Ponds

What is the Parade of Ponds?

For the past eight years, The Pond Guy has hosted a self-guided tour making it possible for the public to visit some of the most exquisite backyard ponds in the area while collecting donations that benefit Leader Dogs for the Blind.

The Pond Guy’s tour provides pond lovers a chance to share tips and tales with other pond enthusiasts, giving them the opportunity to learn more, while experiencing the excitement of water gardening firsthand.

Join us to share the fun – and to learn how best to build, maintain or simply enhance your own pond, stream or waterfall. Whether you’re a pond veteran or just getting started, you’ll find the tour informative, enlightening, and downright exciting. This is a wonderful family event so bring the kids!

Who are the Leader Dogs?

We’re proud to dedicate this year’s Parade of Ponds to Leader Dogs for the Blind. A not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of the blind and visually impaired, Leader Dogs trains service dogs to provide companionship, safety and assistance with everyday living.

This year, we’ve made arrangements to accept voluntary donations from now until August 31st – and all donations will go directly to Leader Dogs. Since the inception of our partnership with Leader Dogs, we’ve contributed over $10,000 – with last year’s proceeds alone totaling $2,550. As always, The Pond Guy will match your donation dollar-for-dollar up to $2,500.

Join the fun at this year’s Parade of Ponds – and make a Leader Dog donation through The Pond Guy to make your donation go further.

9th Annual Parade of Ponds Tour

From cascading waterfalls and flowing streams to footbridges, floating lilies and the flash of a colorful Koi, water features transform an everyday backyard into personal sanctuary.

Custom-designed to fit naturally into any landscape or lot size, water features serve as a dramatic break from the ordinary to form a dramatic contrast to traditional plantings and lush lawns – adding both beauty and value to your home. During our Parade of Ponds tour, you’ll see a diverse range of features, from large ponds and meandering streams to small features tailor-made for tight spaces. Come with an open mind – and build your personal vision of the perfect water feature for your property. Like snowflakes, no two are the same – but no matter what shape and size you choose, rest assured. Their beauty is universal.

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