Additional Windmill Airstone Kit

Item: 600510

Windmill Diffuser Air Stone w/Backflow Valve & 2 Way Valve

The Additional Air Stone Kit has been has been replaced
with the
Windmill Diffuser Air Stone w/Backflow Valve & 2 Way Valve.

  • Increase Aeration & Available Oxygen
  • Maintain & Improve Water Clarity
  • Easy To Install & Maintain

The Windmill Air Stone Kit will help you increase aeration output of your existing windmill. The kit comes with a dual control valve that allows you to adjust the amount of air your windmill is feeding to the submerged air stones. All necessary hardware is included and installation takes a matter of minutes.

Tech Specs

Kit Includes

  • Windmill Control Valves
  • Replacement Airstone
  • Blue Check Valve
  • Threaded Reducer Bushing, MPT x FPT (3/4" x 1/2")
  • Insert Reducer Bushing, Insert x MPT (1/2"x 3/4")

When To Use

Depending on your windmill, additional airstones should be added to your windmill to increase aeration. This will help improve your water clarity and balance your pond.

Usage Information

Replacement Parts

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Weeds Treated

The first step towards effectively treating any pond weed is proper identification. Additional Windmill Airstone Kit is recommended for use against each of the weeds listed below. Click on your desired weed for more information and alternate control options.