Atlantic™ TidalWave Pump Protector

Item: 120143
  • No Cycling On & Off
  • Monitors Power Line Changes
  • Simple Installation With No Extra Wiring

The easiest way to damage a pump is to run it while it is not fully submersed in water. Water levels can be difficult to monitor, especially when the pump is hidden away inside a pump vault or skimmer box, where clogged filtration can restrict water flow, leading to low water levels or even causing the pump to run dry. Atlantic's TidalWave Pump Protector will automatically shut off a pump before it can be damaged.

Unlike water level sensors and built-in thermal protectors, which can cycle on and off repeatedly, ultimately allowing pump failure, the TidalWave Pump Protector electronically monitors subtle line power changes that are created by the pump during adverse load conditions. When the current change exceeds a pre-set internal threshold, power to the pump is cut off until physically reset. There is no cycling on and off like with float sensors that reset themselves. The TidalWave Pump Protector installs easily and calibrates to all direct drive pumps.

Tech Specs

Atlantic TidalWave Pump Protector
TidalWave Pump Protector
Application Direct Drive Pumps
Max Amps 14 Amps
Input Voltage 120 VAC
Max Watts 1,160 Watts
Warranty 1 Year

When To Use

Protects direct drive pumps against operating dry, current spikes, current drop, thermal cycling and low water flow. The Pump Protector can be installed with any of the Atlantic TidalWave Series Direct Drive Pumps including: SH-Series, PAF-Series, A-Series and L-Series.


Usage Information

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Weeds Treated

The first step towards effectively treating any pond weed is proper identification. Atlantic™ TidalWave Pump Protector is recommended for use against each of the weeds listed below. Click on your desired weed for more information and alternate control options.