PondBuilder<sup>™</sup> Cascading Falls Pondless Kit

PondBuilder Cascading Falls Pondless Kit

  • 110621 - 14" Elite
  • $944.99
  • 110622 - 22" Elite
  • $1,493.99
  • Sound Of A Waterfall Without The Pond
  • No Guessing On Pump Or Filter Size
  • Variety of Sizes To Fit Your Space

Create beautiful pondless waterfalls in your backyard without having to maintain a pond! Available in various sizes, these easy-to-install, low maintenance waterfall kit contains all of the water feature supplies you need to create a soothing waterfall feature. The trouble-free design of this waterfall pond kit makes it the perfect choice for small yards, families with children, and customers on-the-go.

Pondbuilder Cascading Falls Pondless Waterfall Kit

Tech Specs

Kit Includes

• 45 mil EPDM Fish-Safe Pond Liner
• Protective Underlayment
• Pump Canyon (vault)
• Waterfall Box
• Waterfall Pump
• Basin Matrix
• PVC Flex Pipe
• Installation Kit

*Please note: Waterfall foam is not included with 10", 14" or 20" Kits.

Choose Your Pondless Kit Size

10" Cascade Waterfall Kit
20" Cascade Waterfall Kit
14" Elite Waterfall Kit
Liner Size 6' x 10' 8' x 15' 10' x 15'
Matrix 1 Small 1 Small 2 Small
Pump Clear Water 1,800 GPH Clear Water 2,340 GPH Clear Water 2,340 GPH
Pump Canyon Mini Mini Mini
Waterfall Box 10" Cascade Waterfall 20" Cascade Waterfall 14" Elite Cascade Waterfall
Plumbing 7' x 1" PVC Flex Pipe 10' x 1-1/2" PVC Flex Pipe 25' x 1-1/2" PVC Flex Pipe
Basin Layout Dimensions* 2.5'L x 2.5'W x 1.5'H 2.5'L x 2.5'W x 1.5'H 4'L x 4'W x 1.5'H
Stream Dimensions* 3'L x 1-2'W 7'L x 1-2'W 5'L x 1-2'W
Check Valve N/A N/A Included
PondBuilder Part Number PB1373 PB1854 PB1229

22" Elite Waterfall Kit
30" Elite Waterfall Kit
40" Elite Waterfall Kit
Liner Size 10' x 10' & 10' x 20' 15' x 15' & 10' x 20' 15' x 15' & 15' x 20'
Matrix 3 Large 3 Large & 3 Small 4 Large & 4 Small
Pump Clear Water 4,200 GPH 6,000 GPH 7,800 GPH
Pump Canyon Small Large Large
Waterfall Box 22" Elite Cascade Waterfall 30" Elite Cascade Waterfall 40" Elite Cascade Waterfall
Plumbing 25' x 2" PVC Flex Pipe 25' x 3" PVC Flex Pipe 25' x 3" PVC Flex Pipe
Basin Layout Dimensions 5'L x 4'W x 2'H 5'L x 4'W x 2'H 5'L x 5'W x 2.5'H
Stream Dimensions* 15'L x 3'H 16'L x 5'W x 4'H 17'L x 5-8'W x 5'H
Check Valve Included Included Included
PondBuilder Part Number PB1236 PB30CFK PB40CFK

*Please note: Stream bed lengths are estimates. Actual dimensions will vary on build site.

Furnished By Homeowner

• Tools: Wheelbarrow, Shovel, Gloves, Tape Measure, Level, Water
• Labor: 1 or 2 Volunteers who can lift up to 30-40 lbs.
• Optional: Rocks, Plants, Greenery


Usage Information

Replacement Parts

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Weeds Treated

The first step towards effectively treating any pond weed is proper identification. PondBuilder Cascading Falls Pondless Kit is recommended for use against each of the weeds listed below. Click on your desired weed for more information and alternate control options.