The Homeowners Guide to Professional Pond Treatments

"Why can't we just treat our pond ourselves?"
In all honesty, you can. As long as you can provide the experience, equipment, time, safety, chemicals and attention to detail that a certified applicator does. If you are looking for a complete and professional service that provides headache-free maintenance of your pond, look to The Pond Guy.
Having treated all types of ponds for fifteen years in the southeast Michigan area, The Pond Guy brings more than enough experience to the table when it comes to the maintenance of your pond. Our dedicated service crew treats nearly 600 ponds annually and has pond care down to a science. Years of knowledge are pooled together allowing us to provide the right care in the right situation for every pond.
Do you know what your phosphorus levels are? Your alkalinity? pH? Water quality testing is key when planning a treatment. We take all parameters into account and use the best equipment for the job. From our water quality kit to our state of the art spray boat, we have everything we need to apply the right treatment for you. In the pond care industry it is said that 25% of an application is the product, and 75% of an application is the equipment. This adage holds true for us as we have the flexibility to serve the needs of any treatment plan.
Do you want to spend your weekends spraying pesticides into your pond, trying to apply for DEQ permits during your lunch hour? The Pond Guy service crew works while you’re at work. We take care of all necessary permits and paperwork. Our treatment crew will service your pond during weekdays. The time savings of a Pond Guy treatment plan is one of your biggest benefits!
While you’re out treating your pond, will you be using the proper safety equipment and the right chemicals? Liability issues can be overwhelming when treating a pond that has multiple users/owners, outlets. Having The Pond Guy treat the pond frees you of worries involving safety. We choose the right chemicals and rates, use the proper personal protective equipment, and post the correct use-restriction notices around the pond.
At the end of the day, The Pond Guy takes care of more than your pond. We take care of you. Start to finish, we will make sure that you are able to enjoy your pond with our headache-free and time-saving custom service. All you have to do is call!