Pond & Lakes

On-Site Consultations
In a consultation, we will come out to your pond and discuss with you the necessary steps it will take to keep your specific pond clean, clear, and healthy. At your pond, we can help you visualize (as well as provide quotes for) aeration systems, fountains, treatment programs, fish management, etc. Finally, we will educate you on the fundamentals of pond care and answer any questions that you have. Call 586-336-POND(7663) or Email us today to set up an appointment.

Water Testing
New for 2008 is our water quality test kit. At a consultation we can test your water using EPA approved procedures for problematic areas. We offer two different types of water testing our “shore based analysis” and a “complete pond profile”. Both analyses can include an E. coli test at an additional cost.

  • Shore based analysis- will consist of the basics of water chemistry measured in a few places from shore. The basic shoreline analysis provides a good foundation to build off of when deciding how to manage a customer’s pond.
  • Complete pond profile- involves sampling at multiple points from a boat and analyzing more components of the water. This analysis will pinpoint problems and provide direct answers to problems that are present in the pond. It also provides a clear picture of the type of future management program the pond will need.
Call 586-336-POND(7663) or Email us today to set up an appointment.