Pond & Lakes

Treatment Programs
Let us maintain your pond all summer! We’ll come out once a month to spray your pond for all weeds and algae on the surface and below the water. We will add Nature’s Blue™ pond dye at no charge. If you are struggling with emergent weeds, we can take care of them monthly as well. We service personal ponds, lake front property, retention/detention ponds, marinas and canals.

Raking Programs
Pond raking and emergent weed removal can be a tedious and backbreaking job; however it is very beneficial to your pond. Raking provides the following benefits: removes organics that contribute to "muck", lowers your nutrient load, reducing future weed and algae growth, and increases the overall health of the ecosystem. Raking can only be done after the weeds have completely killed.

Call 586-336-POND(7663) or Email us today to set up an appointment.

Permit Applications & Treatment Reports
Some waterways require a permit issued by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ). If your waterway requires a permit we will provide a treatment map, complete the permit application, treatment reports and all correspondence with the MDEQ.

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