Airmax® Aeration System
How It Works - System Components - How To Install

How To Install the Airmax® Aeration System
1. Decide a location for the cabinet, prep ground. May be placed several hundred feet from shoreline (using direct bruial airline) if power is not available at shore. 2. Excavate trench for direct burial airline (if compressor is not located at shore). Place and backfill all direct burial airline. (One line per diffuser). 3. Connect direct burial airline to Airmax® EasySet self-weighted airline.
4. Connect diffuser to airline. Extend Airmax EasySet self-weighted airline to proper location. Place diffuser. To ensure proper placement, use nylon rope. 5. Connect direct burial airline to flex lines supplied with cabinet. Level cabinet and connect electrical cord. 6. Bubbles should be noticeable from all diffuser locations. When more than one diffuser is installed, adjust valves for maximum performance.