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  • The Pond Guy® RapidFlo™ Asynchronous Waterfall Pump

    The Pond Guy® RapidFlo™ Asynchronous Waterfall Pump

    Medium Head Pressure Pump Powerful Yet Energy Efficient Ideal For Waterfalls & Streams Create beautiful waterfalls and streams with The Pond Guy® RapidFlo™ series asynchronous garden pond and waterfall pump. The RapidFlo™...
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  • Atlantic™ TidalWave2 TW-Series Pumps

    Atlantic™ TidalWave2 TW-Series Pumps

    Asynchronous Hybrid Pumps Replaceable Vortex Impeller Wear-Proof Ceramic Shaft Atlantic™ TidalWave2 TW-Series Asynchronous Pumps are the perfect choice for high flow, medium head applications where energy consumption is a factor. Efficient vortex impellers driven...
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  • ShinMaywa® Norus® Submersible Pumps

    ShinMaywa® Norus® Submersible Pumps

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    Superior Continuous Duty Motor Corrosion Resistant Housing Vortex Impeller Handles Solids & Debris ShinMaywa® Norus® Submersible Fountain Pumps are one of the most reliable and durable pumps sold in today's water garden market. On the...
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  • Atlantic™ TidalWave Solid Handling SH-Series Pumps

    Atlantic™ TidalWave Solid Handling SH-Series Pumps

    Non-Corrosive Composite Housing Handles Solids Up To 1¼ Inch Oil-Free Design With Vortex Impeller Atlantic™ TidalWave Solid Handling SH-Series Pumps are one of the most dependable, energy efficient, composite direct drive units...
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  • Atlantic™ TidalWave A-Series Pumps

    Atlantic™ TidalWave A-Series Pumps

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    High Head Pressure Pump Cast Iron Vortex Impeller Pond Waterfall Pump is Ideal For High Volume Applications Atlantic ™ TidalWave A-Series pumps are efficiently engineered for high-head and high-volume ponds. These water feature pumps have a...
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  • Atlantic™ TidalWave PAF-Series Pumps

    Atlantic™ TidalWave PAF-Series Pumps

    Stainless Steel & Composite Construction Energy Efficient & Corrosion Resistant Fiber Reinforced Vortex Impeller Lightweight, energy efficient and corrosion resistant, Atlantic™ TidalWave PAF-Series Direct Drive Pumps are now even...
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  • Matala® VersiFlow Pumps

    Matala® VersiFlow Pumps

    Install Vertically Or Horizontally Handles Solid Debris Powerful Enough To Run Your Waterfall This versatile pump can be installed vertically or horizontally to fit a wide variety of skimmer boxes and tight areas. Ideal for continuous duty...
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  • Atlantic™ TidalWave3 TT-Series Pumps

    Atlantic™ TidalWave3 TT-Series Pumps

    Ultra-High Efficiency Asynchronous Pump Compact To Fit The Tightest Spaces Clog Resistent & Hard Water Tolerant Atlantic's™ all new TidalWave3 Asynchronous Pumps are the next generation of ultra-high efficiency asynchronous pumps, with...
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  • PondBuilder™ IllumiFlow Pumps

    PondBuilder™ IllumiFlow Pumps

    Hybrid Direct & Magnetic Drive Pump Thermal Overload Protection Aerates & Oxygenates Water PondBuilder™ IllumiFlow Pumps are a hybrid direct drive/magnetic drive pump. Meaning they offer the flow rates of direct drive pumps with the...
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  • Alpine™ Cyclone™ Pond Pumps

    Alpine™ Cyclone™ Pond Pumps

    Designed For Continuous Operation Great For High Volume Waterfalls Sizes For Any Pond Application The Alpine™ Cyclone™ Asynchronous Pumps are versatile and may be used vertically or horizontally. These asynchronous Alpine pond pumps may...
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