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  • 57 Watt UV Bulb - 17.5" Long

    57 Watt UV Bulb - 17.5" Long

    Size Your Replacement Bulb Step 1: Identify your bulb's base to verify that it matches the picture. Step 2: Locate your bulbs wattage. Step 3: Measure your bulb end to end (including pins) to confirm which replacement bulb is correct for you. T5F 4-Pin Base...
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  • Savio UV Replacement Bulbs

    Savio UV Replacement Bulbs

    Adds UV Filtration To Your Savio Skimmer Helps Clarify Pond Water Reduces The Need For Chemicals Keep algae and other unsightly pond mess away with Savio UV units. Savio Uvinex UV bulbs are designed to deliver optimal filtration and reduce your...
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