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Anchor Worm Red pimples on fish that develop into whitish protrusions that look like 1/2 inch splinters Microbe-Lift Lice & Anchor Worm or EcoRX Medicated Fish Food Anti-Parasite

Dropsy Fish become bloated and scales stick straight out, giving the fish a "pine cone" appearance Isolation tank with warm water (70°F - 75°F), add MelaFix and salt

Fin/Mouth Rot Deterioration of fins from the outer edges in, and/or deterioration of the membrane surrounding the mouth. MelaFix and salt (1 lb. per 50 gal) or use Sabbactisun

Fungus White coating or cottony fuzz on fish MelaFix and salt (1 lb. per 50 gal) or use Sabbactisun

Gill Disease Sunken eyes, listnessness, gasping Isoloate, salt (1 lb per 25 gal) plus Melafix

Ick Fish scratch against objects, white spots appear, eyes become cloudy Aquascape EcoRx Ick Control, salt (1 lb per 50 gal) plus MelaFix to prevent secondary infections

Oxygen Deprivation Gasp at surface, stay by waterfall in a.m., loss of appetite Increase aeration

Pop Eye Eye(s) become inflamed and reddish in color Isolate, salt

Parasite, Epidermal Scratch against objects, skin loses slime, scales appear sunken Pond Fish Treatment

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Avoid fish disease by not over crowding your fish, simple water changes and of course
proper filtration.