Perry's Red Glow Hardy Water Lily

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  • Vibrant Color Adds Interest To Your Water Garden
  • Increase Shade Across Pond Surface
  • Promote Natural Filtration

Perry's Red Glow Water Lily is one of the largest red lilies and features double flowers. The blooms stay open late for afternoon and evening enjoyment.

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Plant Water Lily Perry's Red Glow
Perry's Red Glow
Plant Type Water Lily
Hardiness Zones 3 To 11
Growing Light Full Sun
Flower Color Red
Bloom Time Mid Summer To Late Summer
Plant Size 2' To 4' Spread

What To Expect With Mail Order

Plants you receive by mail need time to adjust. Your water lily will arrive Bare Root (only root and little to no foliage). Upon arrival, they may not appear lush but given time & proper care, they will flourish!

Planting Instructions

Use Plant Bags or Plant Baskets to plant your water lilies. Plant each tuber with the growing tip facing outward. Fill in around the tuber with aquatic planting media, making sure the roots are spread well and the crown is sitting just below the soil surface. Place in shallow area of pond to encourage faster growth. Once new leaves have reached the surface, water lily can be moved deeper into the pond.


Water lilies should be fertilized throughout the growing season. CrystalClear® Thrive™ Aquatic Plant Fertilizer or TetraPond® LilyGro™ Aquatic Plant Food or Laguna Plant Grow Fertilizer Spikes can be pushed into the soil at planting time and from April through August, following all manufacturers' recommendation for fertilizer application rates.

Plant Maintenance

For best results, trim or prune water lily as leaves and flowers begin to turn yellow or brown, remove them completely, discarding them to keep as much excess organic material out of water-body as possible.

Winter Care

Water lilies on plant-shelves, in planting containers, should be trimmed to 1 to 2" and then gently lowered into deeper water. All plants submerged before winter must be brought back up as soon as the ice has permanently thawed, and before any plant growth occurs. In Zones 6 and warmer, most pond plants can tolerate being left in place without moving them at all.

Weeds Treated

The first step towards effectively treating any pond weed is proper identification. Perry's Red Glow Hardy Water Lily is recommended for use against each of the weeds listed below. Click on your desired weed for more information and alternate control options.

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