The Pond Guy® PondShelter™ Net Kit, 16' x 11'

The Pond Guy® PondShelter™ Net Kit, 16' x 11'

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Item: 160350
  • Fully Adjustable Aluminum Frame
  • Provides Snug Fit For Unique Ponds
  • 1/4" Mesh Netting Allows For Maximum Visibility

Protect your pond from troublesome leaves, debris and predators with The Pond Guy® PondShelter™. Designed to be fully adjustable, the PondShelter™ will provide a snug fit in even the most difficult landscape.

For netting to properly protect a pond it needs the flexibility to adapt to fit the unique landscape. The Pond Guy® PondShelter™ utilizes a fully adjustable aluminum frame to provide an endless number of configurations. Each of the 4 legs can be extended and locked-to-length and is hinged to the center-hub to adjust net pitch and discourage debris accumulation. Durable black 1/4" mesh netting allows for maximum visibility without sacrificing protection. Sporting an adjustable drawstring at the base of the PondShelter™, the mesh netting can be pulled tightly along the perimeter of your pond and staked securely in place.

What good is a pond net if it won't stay in place? Keep the PondShelter™ exactly where you want it with 30 stakes. No ground to stake into? No worries, the drawstring at the base of the black mesh netting can be pulled tight to wrap around the perimeter of your pond.

Tech Specs

The Pond Guy(r) PondShelter Mesh Net
Mesh Netting Dimensions 20' L x 20' W
Ideal For Pond Sizes 4'x6' - 16'x11'
Aluminum Frame 4'-10'
Stakes Included (30) 6½"
Warranty 1 Year


  • Remove PondShelter™ before heavy snow or freezing rain. Too much pressure could cause the net to stretch or collapse into your pond.


Usage Information

Replacement Parts

Here are the replacement parts for The Pond Guy® PondShelter™ Net Kit, 16' x 11'.

Weeds Treated

The first step towards effectively treating any pond weed is proper identification. The Pond Guy® PondShelter™ Net Kit, 16' x 11' is recommended for use against each of the weeds listed below. Click on your desired weed for more information and alternate control options.

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Sep 23, 2012 | By Jan Chapman
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Covers my pond like it says. Just didnt get any instructions. I think someone else had it and took the instructions out of it. **Note from The Pond Guy: The Pond Logic PondShelter does not currently include product instructions. We apologize for the inconvenience.**

Protects My Pond
Sep 12, 2013 | By Sherry
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My pond has an odd shape so The Pond Shelter was seemed like a great option. And it was! It kept the leaves out of my pond and I was still able to see my fish.

Great product
Oct 4, 2014 | By Brian
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We bought this net kit for a 7'x10'pond/waterfall located at our beach house that is often subjected to high winds. I am amazed how stable and effective this net kit is. The fine mesh totally keeps out any leaves, is minimally affected by the wind, and the pond is still pretty visible. 100% pleased with this purchase, and I looked at everything on the market.

Really covers! And the center is HIGH.
Oct 30, 2014 | By Carol Strickland
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I'm telling my friends that this is an alien landing site. It just went up yesterday. I'd tried by myself to put it up two weekends ago and completely failed, but yesterday had 2 professional pond people helping. (This was their first time using this kind of structure, and they were impressed.) It took about 5 minutes. We figured it would cover just part of the pond and they could drape an extra net across the rest, but this covered my 16' round (more or less) pond beautifully, except for the waterfall. (I put bird netting on that.) With the extensions full-out, I figured the top of the pyramid would only be inches above the water, but it really towers. Last year I used beach balls to try to keep the netting up. That worked for about a month and then... pfft. High hopes for this. Note: the netting has extremely small holes, so you can't feed the fish through it. You have to lift it up on the side and throw the food in. Hopefully the pond will cool off in the next week and we can go on winter non-feeding schedule. Or maybe I'll make a feeding hole in the netting so I can get the food to the center of the pond, where the fish like it to land. We'll see how this makes it through any ice storms. The package comes with a warning about taking it down before such hits, as the weight of the ice in the netting might cause it to fail.

Won't Stand Up To Snow
Sep 16, 2015 | By Debbie Brown
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Had to have 3 other people help put this up over our 16 by 21 ft pond. The dragonflies and damsel flies were not happy, but the fish were most appreciative to have room to jump, instead of net pegged down closer to the water. Few months later, snow came and after several storms, even with knocking snow off, the poles bent, then broke 2. Use of this product would only be for 3 seasons, unless a way to change netting to something that wouldn't accumulate snow so well. Would also like an opening near the top for the dragonflies and damsel flies to get out, once they got under it. ***Comment from The Pond Guy: As stated in the restrictions and manual: The PondShelter is designed to protect against leaves & light debris. DO NOT let snow, ice or heavy debris accumulate on the PondShelter.**

Netting a small fish pond in Central Ohio
Sep 17, 2015 | By Ron Chapman
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I purchased this item in 2014 and installed over my pond just as the leaves were coming off the trees. It's not a system easily installed by one over a 10 by 17 foot pond, I did manage thou and enjoyed not having to deal with so many leaves entering the pond. My issues is the trees in central Ohio are still shedding their leaves when the first snows fall. This systems poles will not stand up to the weight, I lost 2 poles the first snow before I could take down the net. I'm interested in replacement parts however, do not see anything listed on your website as such.The instruction did warn about snow and ice so this is on me, understood. ***Comment from The Pond Guy - Pond nets are meant for leaves, not snow or ice. We do carry replacement legs and leg assembly, but they are not currently on our web site. If you would like to purchase the replacement legs, please contact us at 866-766-3435.***

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