The Pond Guy<sup>®</sup> AllClear<sup>™</sup> & SolidFlo<sup>™</sup> Combo Kits

The Pond Guy® AllClear & SolidFlo Combo Kits

Biological Filter & UV in One

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  • 120145 - AllClear™ 1200 & SolidFlo™ 600 Kit
  • $251.98
  • 120178 - AllClear™ 2400 & SolidFlo™ 1200 Kit
  • $332.98
  • 120833 - AllClear™ 2400 & SolidFlo™ 1600 Kit
  • $359.98
  • Three Types of Filtration, One Powerful Unit
  • External Indicators To Monitor Filter
  • Perfect For Existing Or New Ponds

Keep your pond water healthy and crystal clear with The Pond Guy® AllClear Pressure Filter with UV. The AllClear combines the power of mechanical, biological and ultraviolet filtration into an efficient yet economical pressurized filtration unit. All sizes of the AllClear Pressure Filter can be camouflaged with a TrueRock Medium Boulder Cover.

Save 10% by purchasing an AllClear Pressure Filter with the recommended SolidFlo Pump, and we will guarantee clear water! The SolidFlo Pump is a continuos-duty energy-efficient asynchronous pump in a low profile design. The sturdy pre-filter pump enclosure keeps out large debris while allowing ¼ particles to pass. The SolidFlo Pump is designed to sit flat on the pond's bottom.

Looking for a self cleaning AllClear Pressurized Filter? Try the AllClear PLUS Pressurized Filter & SolidFlo Kit that includes a convenient back flush feature for trouble-free maintenance!

Tech Specs

The Pond Guy AllClear 1200 & SolidFlo 600 Combo
AllClear 1200/SolidFlo 600
The Pond Guy AllClear 2400 & SolidFlo 1200 Combo
AllClear 2400/SolidFlo 1200
The Pond Guy AllClear 2400 & SolidFlo 1600 Combo
AllClear 2400/SolidFlo 1600
AllClear Filter Size AllClear™ 1200 AllClear™ 2400 AllClear™ 2400
SolidFlo Pump Size SolidFlo™ 600 GPH SolidFlo™ 1200 GPH SolidFlo™ 1600 GPH
Max Pond Size Up To 1,200 Gallons Up To 2,400 Gallons Up To 2,400 Gallons
Barbed Fittings 1" 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2" 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2"
Back Flush Feature No No No

*We recommend changing your UV bulb once per season for best results.
**We do not recommend using flex PVC tubing with these filters.
**UV bulbs are not covered under manufacturers warranty.

AllClear Pressurized Filter FAQ

Can I connect the filter to my waterfall?

Yes, as long as the gallons per hour on the pump used does not exceed the max flow rate of the filter in the chart above. If your waterfall pump exceeds the max flow rate of the pressurized filter, consider running the filter on a smaller pump.

What happens if I run a pump that is above the recommended max flow of the AllClear Pressurized Filter?

If your pump's flow rate (gallons per hour) is higher than the max flow rate of the AllClear Pressurized Filter, the UV will underperform as there will not have enough exposure time to clear the water. You also run the risk of damaging the filter unit and seals by creating too much pressure, which in time can cause the filter to leak.

How often do can I need to clean my AllClear Pressurized Filter?

The amount of fish in your pond will determine how frequently you will need to clean your filter. In general, clean your filter every other week or when the pressure indicator displays red or when water flow is reduced.

How do I clean my AllClear Pressurized Filter?

Simply unlatch the filter lid and gently remove. Rinse the filter pads and bio media with pond water. Do NOT use chlorinated tap water. Place the filter pads back into the filter so the blue pad is on the bottom and the black pad is on top. (If you have the 2400 model the yellow pad will be in the middle).

Why do I have to bury my AllClear Pressurized Filter in the ground?

Burying the AllClear Pressurized Filter up to the lid allows for easy camouflage of the filter as well as the kink free tubing. It also secures the unit so it doesn't tip over or fall into the pond. With the lid exposed above ground, this also allows for easy routine maintenance. You can even further camouflage your AllClear Pressurized Filter by using a TrueRock Cover.

Can I run the AllClear Pressurized Filter in the winter?

If the ground/pond freezes during winter in your area, it is important to drain and remove the entire AllClear Pressurized Filter before winter. This protects the unit from the freezing cold temperatures, which can lead to the unit being damaged.


Usage Information

Replacement Parts

Here are the replacement parts for The Pond Guy ® AllClear ™ & SolidFlo ™ Combo Kits.

Weeds Treated

The first step towards effectively treating any pond weed is proper identification. The Pond Guy® AllClear & SolidFlo Combo Kits is recommended for use against each of the weeds listed below. Click on your desired weed for more information and alternate control options.

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Water is Crystal Clear
Jul 7, 2015 | By Bob
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We installed your AllClear 1200 and SolidFlo 600 Pump 3 weeks ago. Water is crystal clear. Fish are happy. We are delighted.

Very Disappointed
Aug 28, 2015 | By Arianne Thompson
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I inherited a former swamp. After cleaning and refilling it, it was clear for a while, then it became brown and murky. I tried lots of chemicals, including the Muck Defense and other things from this site, some of which eventually helped quite a bit and it was quite clear, though still brownish in appearance. I then purchased this Filter and Pump combo to keep things clear and not have to do so much maintenance. However, the pond has now regressed to being very murky and full of what I think is several kinds of algae. I can barely see my fish anymore. So much for the "we guarantee clear water!" **Comment from The Pond Guy---we offer a satisfaction guarantee. Thank you for contacting our customer service to help resolve the issue.

Works Great, Completely Mess Free with Backflush Option
Jan 23, 2016 | By Fred
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The effectiveness of a filter can't always be judged by water clarity alone. Its determined by how much gunk is collected and this product not only collects plenty of goop, it disposes of it. What you get is a bucket-like canister, a pump, filter mats of different densities, a UV light, and some bio balls. You will have two electric cords that you will need to plug in somewhere. I buried the canister in the ground beside the pond, ran PVC tube (not included) from the pump and through the stone wall of the pond to the unit and did the same with the return drain back into the pond. I also bought the recommended fake boulder to cover the unit which is a good idea. I recommend putting the pump into a mesh pump bag if you have plants in your pond as long fronds from irises and other plants tend to slip through the slots in the pump housing. The pump has a plastic impeller which caused me some concern but it is doing fine. The entire unit should be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned once per year or when water flow is slow, as some scale builds up, particularly on the glass shield of the UV bulb. Overall, I am very satisfied with this purchase.

I can see my Goldfish again!
Apr 14, 2016 | By Amanda S.
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My water was so bad and nothing seemed to work to clear it. I put in the SolidFlo 600 Pump and AllClear 1200 UV Filter System you recommended and within a week you could see to the bottom of the pond. You can see all my goldfish...I'm so happy and pleased I spent the extra money for the right system. Thanks for your help!

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