The Pond Guy Story

How it Started

Like most entrepreneurs, Jason Blake started small. His parents were his first clients, and using their small backyard pond as his early laboratory, Jason learned how to keep the water clean, the fish healthy, and his clients (Mom and Dad) satisfied. Turns out he was just getting his feet wet.

Unlike most entrepreneurs, Jason found his niche long before he graduated high school. When word of Jason’s way with water spread throughout the neighborhood, he landed a growing number of new clients.

Success followed success, and within no time, Jason came to a realization: in order to grow, he’d need to hire. At age 15, he decided his first employee needed to have two credentials Jason didn’t: a license and a pickup truck.

How it’s Changed

By 1996 – the year he graduated high school – it was soon realized that if this were to become a long-term career choice Jason would need a company name. It was at this point that “The Pond Guy” was born and both Jason’s business and his reputation grew quickly.

In 1998, Jason recognized the need for a means to help his clients obtain the supplies necessary to keep their ponds clean and healthy between his regular visits. So, he put together and mailed his first catalog to his existing clients.

In 2001, after realizing that both their basement and pole barn were filled to capacity with pond maintenance products, Jason’s parents kindly sat down with their son and said, “Its time to move.” Jason took the hint and moved the company to its first warehouse and retail location in Marine City, Michigan – while simultaneously launching its online store.

In 2011, Jason realized that the building in Marine City was running at max capacity and decided to move the company to a larger facility in Romeo, MI. The new warehouse is over 54,000 square feet and allows room for growth.

Since its inception as a backyard project in the early 1990s, The Pond Guy® has maintained its growth trajectory. In 2010 and 2011, the company was listed on INC. Magazine’s 5000 list of “fastest growing privately held companies in America.”

The Pond Guy Now

Now, The Pond Guy® name has grown well beyond Jason’s old neighborhood – but his focus hasn’t shifted at all. The Pond Guy® is still dedicated to finding the best, most effective ways to help you maintain and enjoy your pond. We’re still committed to providing unmatched experienced customer service and as the folks in the old neighborhood will attest, we’re still taking care of the people and ponds we’ve been looking after for more than fifteen years.

We’re The Pond Guy®, helping the world enjoy ponds.

The Pond Guy® is proud to be an Inc. 5000 company