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Choose the Water Fountain Kit for You

No matter your style, The Pond Guy has a landscape fountain for you! Both decorative and functional, our fountain kit selection can bring flowing water to your flower bed or patio.

These small outdoor fountain kits make a big difference within your landscape. The sound of trickling water nearby can make the hottest days seem less suffocating and summer nights more relaxing. During the fall, cover up with a cozy blanket and sit near your fire landscape fountain to warm up. With multiple shapes, sizes, and materials to choose from, you’ll love the extensive design options they offer you.

Our backyard fountain kits are available in natural stone or fiber-resin materials, offering both traditional and modern aesthetics. And each option is made to last for years, with durability at the forefront of its design. You can choose to install a single fountain kit for a simple look, or you can pair multiple pieces together to bring complementary features together – either way, our fountains give you the flexibility to create your dream space.

Whether you wish to add a basalt column, stacked slate urn, or another one of our decorative water features, we know you’ll be wowed by the impact of a real waterfall. Enjoy easy installation, manageable maintenance, and subtle audio and visual effects when you add a landscape fountain from The Pond Guy.