UV & Ion Clarifiers

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Add Pond Water Clarifiers to Promote Cleanliness

The Pond Guy is proud to supply a complete collection of pond clarifier products from all the best brands in the industry, featuring dependable products that will help promote consistent water clarity. Simply install a pond water clarifier in your water garden and watch as the water continues to become visibly cleaner and purer by the season.

These supplies collectively come equipped with ultraviolet lights that constantly work to hinder algae growth by damaging its DNA, preventing unwanted plants and bacteria from reproducing in your pond. And with pond clarifiers preventing the spread of aquatic plants and parasites that can contribute to water discoloration, a green water garden can become a thing of the past sooner rather than later. In addition to our pond clarifier options, we also offer pond ionizer products that contribute to clear water without having to use harsh chemicals to do so, using an electric system that releases copper ions into your pond.

No matter which type of pond clarifier you prefer for your new or existing pond, our supplies help give you the results you're looking for without having to be hands-on. Reduce the time and energy you put into maintaining your water garden, choosing the right UV clarifier option for your specific setup. For more information on how to get rid of algae in a pond, visit our Learning Center now. Shop our selection of pond clarifiers and more at The Pond Guy!