Aquatic Herbicides

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Manage Troublesome Aquatic Weeds With an Aquatic Herbicide

Whether you're experiencing unsightly aquatic weed growth already or want to be proactive and help prevent weeds from becoming troublesome, pond herbicide products from The Pond Guy are designed to give you more control over what lives in your water.

Lake herbicide products have proven to successfully eliminate aquatic plants at the root, helping prevent them from continuing to grow and spread. Some of our supplies are even effective against both floating and submerged weeds, providing exceptional value in just a single product. Aquatic herbicides are available in either liquid or dry granular forms – the latter having an advantage in that it doesn't require mixing before applying it to the desired area, making it ready to use right out of the bag. Regardless of which type of aquatic weed killer you choose to use to alleviate your situation, these products are the first step in obtaining a more manageable pond or lake all season long.

Feel more confident choosing the pond herbicides that are right for you by educating yourself on The Pond Guy's suggested Weed Treatment Options, learning how to address the situation, types of treatment, and much more. Purchase aquatic herbicides from us and receive free shipping when you spend over $99!