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Treat Natural Bodies of Water With Large Pond Water Clarifiers

No matter how big your natural pond or private lake is by design, The Pond Guy has all the pond and lake water clarifier products you need to ensure your water quality is always at its best both nutritionally and visually.

Our pond and lake water treatments include beneficial bacteria supplies you can use proactively and/or as needed if you start to notice a change in clarity, as well as a complete all-in-one pond care package that's designed to make maintenance easier and more effective the entire year. The latter option comes with four treatments that serve separate functions but work together to help improve the overall balance and clarity of your pond or lake. This package includes bacteria that helps prevent algae growth, establishes a true-blue watercolor, and removes unwanted debris and muck that could contribute to unpleasant odors and murkiness.

If you're in the market for a reliable, cost-effective lake water clarifier that's sure to make a difference, look no further than what we have to offer at The Pond Guy. Spend over $99 and receive free shipping on your order!