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Maintain Pond Clarity With an All-In-One Pond System

Guarantee clear and clear water when you install a submersible all-in-one fish pond filter and pump in your pond, an integrated system that includes everything you need in one single filtration product. At The Pond Guy, we make it easier for you to get amazing results by supplying you with products that make pond maintenance as simple as possible.

With our fish pond pump and filter systems for small ponds up to 500 gallons, as well as larger all-in-one products that can be used to treat up to a 1,250-gallon pond, we have the variety you need to select the appropriate filter for your specific pond by size. Our most advanced all-in-one pond filter is designed primarily for bigger ponds - The Pond Guy's ClearSolution G2 Filter System - which comes equipped with each of the following: a submersible pond pump and filter, a built-in UV clarifier, and four different types of filter media. These included parts form a versatile filtration system that can run a decorative fountain display and waterfall together at the same time.

In addition to our collection of all-in-one fish pond pump and filter systems, you can also find replacement parts for in-pond filters, like individual boxes and sponges, that will help ensure you're prepared in case of an unexpected malfunction. Receive more with less when you shop our selection of all-in-one fish pond filter and pump products, which work to give you the crystal-clear pond water you've envisioned.